5 Reasons We Love Aveda

Aveda has been around since the 1970s, and through all those years they have built up a lot of history! Although you may be familiar with the products and aromas, we are sure there are other things about this brand that might surprise you!

Here are five fun things that you may not know about Aveda.

Plants and Flowers used to create aromas

Smells Great

Aveda salons and schools have a signature aroma that is hard to forget. In fact, one search online and you will find plenty of blogs and recipes trying to replicate it. But did you know that the aroma stems from our founders’ passion for utilizing natural oils and scents to help promote inner calm and balance?

As one of the first companies to use essential oils in this way, the Aveda brand has even been said to have coined the term aromatherapy.

This practice and knowledge has grown over the years, and we are proud to have been one of the first to bring the practice into our products and branding.


The mission at Aveda is to care for the world and all who live in it. Access to clean water can change the lives of individuals, communities, and also, the world. 

Each year during April, the Aveda brand holds many fundraisers, awareness events, and activities for the sole purpose of giving back to our planet. Since 2019, Aveda has partnered with Charity: Water to bring clean water access to families in need. 100% of donations collected during Earth Month will bring clean water to people in India, Nepal and Madagascar. Each project is viewable on a Google map with GPS coordinates, photos and videos about the communities.


While Earth Month is a big event for Aveda, we don’t just practice these standards one month out of the year. We are proud to embrace this philosophy year-round! One of the biggest ways we spread this dedication is in our use of wind-power in our main manufacturing plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This plant produces our products that are sold worldwide and is operated 100% by renewable energy. Aveda is the first beauty company manufacturing with 100% wind power in their primary facility.


Cruelty - Free

Being  cruelty-free is an important part of the Aveda mission to care for the world we live in and for those we live with. We never test on animals and never ask others to do so on their behalf. In 1989, Aveda was the first company to sign the Ceres Principles for corporate responsibility, which safeguards the Earth and its inhabitants. Another exciting milestone for Aveda was becoming 100% Vegan on January 1, 2021. 

Aveda’s headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota is a certified wildlife habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. At the headquarters, there are bee havens and nesting habitats for various birds. Aveda has supported various organizations and initiatives to give back to the world.

A World - Wide Family

Aveda may have begun in the Midwest, but it has reached across the globe. From our humble beginnings with clove shampoo and a bathtub, we have expanded to over 65 Aveda brand schools, and thousands upon thousands of Aveda brand salons. All this growth needs a whole lot of talent, and with over 500,000 Aveda professionals working on nearly every content we are proud to be spreading our beauty, and our philosophy.

When you are an Aveda professional, you are joining a global family of beauty. We hope you have gained some new facts, and have fallen more in love with Aveda.

When you are an Aveda professional, you are joining a global family of beauty. We hope you have gained some new facts and have fallen more in love with the Aveda brand, culture, and mission.

Are you ready to surround yourself with Aveda?

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