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Turn your love of beauty into a career at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Our cosmetology curriculum goes beyond the state requirements and blends innovation with the Aveda Mission to help students become best in class in the beauty industry. Our 1,600-hour cosmetology course can help you harness your inner potential as you explore and master the practical skills of the trade, such as hair styling and cutting, chemical restructuring, color cosmetics, the care of skin and nails, and related arts and sciences. Students also learn business skills and environmental values to set the stage for a long-lasting career. You may enter The Institute of Beauty and Wellness with a passion, but you’ll leave with a deeper potential of success.



Full-Time: 47 weeks | Three-Day: 58 weeks*

Our 1,600-hour cosmetology course covers:

*Schedule subject to change due to Covid-19.

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You’ll start by learning the fundamentals of cutting, styling, and chemical restructuring of hair; skin and nail care; makeup; and the related sciences. Lectures, demonstrations, and workshops concentrate on developing skill and accuracy and reinforcing classroom knowledge. You’ll be introduced to retailing, client servicing, and personal development skills. This unit also covers state safety requirements.


Unlock your creativity as you explore the latest trends and techniques in hair cutting, styling, coloring, permanent waving, and chemical restructuring. Time in the clinic allows you to become increasingly confident in your professional abilities, and you begin to learn vital employment and career-advancing skills such as successful interviewing and resume writing.


Get ready to launch your career with in-depth training in client service, time management, self-promotion, goal-setting, merchandising, and entrepreneurship. Your speed, accuracy, and concentration are becoming ready for the salon. By completion, you’ll be eligible to become a licensed cosmetologist.


The Aveda cosmetology Life

Our online curriculum system, called LearnAveda, is filled with training options and updates that can see you through graduation.

When you enroll at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness you will have the option to include an iPad in your student kit to access this amazing platform as well as access to help your skills stay fine-tuned and in demand.

Learn From Industry Experts

At The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we bring in guest speakers to help you master and fine-tune your future. These speakers are available not only to our current students but also to our alumni throughout their careers, meaning you receive an education that lasts a lifetime.


We strive to build successful stylists both inside and out. That goes beyond the skills you learn today. It’s the skills you master tomorrow and the personal journey of wellness and self-discovery that defines your success, your goals, and your passions.

preparing for success

To enrich your learning experience, we utilize learner-centered curriculum in our module-based program. You will start to build your confidence as you progress through each module and gain hands-on experience as master your practical skills in our Aveda Clinic Lab. Combined with our small class sizes and digital support, our unique education will set you up for success.

In addition to building a strong foundation of skills and safety and sanitation knowledge, students get exposure to high-end beauty career opportunities during their program. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness offers cosmetology career fairs and other networking and job events to help students land their dream job before graduating.