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We have all experienced client concerns, retention opportunities, and scheduling demands while working in a spa setting. In these circumstances, leadership is crucial and requires devoted attention to ensure all aspects of the business are executed in an effective manner. At The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we have just the course for that.  

We are devoted to helping you elevate your spa or Medispa to increase client satisfaction and boost team morale. During this course you will gain first-hand knowledge to apply within your workspace to build your leadership skills, improve customer service, and promote retention.   

Whether you are currently a leader in the spa industry seeking growth opportunities, or looking to grow into a future leadership role, our Spa Management course has something for you. Being an effective leader means more than just producing impressive results. It requires a reliable team, effective communication, and maintaining a healthy environment. Investing in your brand can help with new client interest, hiring top talent, and increasing retention. Employees are always in the market for career opportunities that will support them in feeling valued, appreciated, and heard.   

Leadership, in any form, plays a key role in success. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we recognize the importance of management. Keeping up with client trends and market needs is important, but the health of the business behind the curtain plays an equal role to your success. We created a program that provides you with the necessary information to lead and develop a flourishing team, going beyond the treatment room.  

During our four-day course, you will gain exclusive access to leadership knowledge that will provide you with the necessary business information to be successful. We divided our course into three main learning objectives that will play a crucial part in the overall success of your business.

How To Grow as a Leader

To successfully grow your team, you must first be open to growing yourself. A major part of this course involves the development of new or existing leaders in the spa industry. Through this course, you will be able to confidently solve problems, determine your leadership personality, and identify how this relates to a healthy work environment. As a leader, you set the tone within your workspace through motivation, morale, and ethics. A safe and reliable management team is key for a successful and healthy workplace.


How to Support Your Guests Through an Elevated Experience

Your guests play a huge role in overall business success. The service they are being provided matters, but what also matters is how they are treated and valued as guests at your establishment. To effectively run a high performing team, you as the leader must set the expectations and lead by example. The guest experience determines the success of your bottom line, referrals, and retention. 

Client concerns and frustrations can occur in every spa setting. Through effective leadership, you can prioritize these concerns and direct your team to proceed in a professional manner, easing their frustration. How your team chooses to react in a time of adversity speaks loudly for your brand, so it is important to set clear direction.   

How to Help Your Team Grow

Your establishment cannot run by itself, so it’s important to invest in your team. Proper training, coaching, and support are essential for a top-performing spa. To create a safe and uplifting environment, you must create trust and rapport with your team.  

Throughout your Spa Management course, you will focus on the importance of conflict resolution, delegation, and motivation to ensure consistency within the team and operations. Retention of your team is just as important as retaining your clients. Through motivation strategies, you have a higher chance of keeping the top talent within your locations instead of losing them to a competitor.   



All Experience Levels Welcome



Strong leadership can positively impact all aspects of business. The goal is to always keep growing and expanding within your market. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you can gain exclusive access to ways of elevating within the salon and spa industry. We designed this program with your success and ways to successfully run and maintain a growth-provoking business in mind.   

If you are ready to elevate your brand, team, and client experience, look no further than the Spa Management course at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness. We are excited to provide you with the necessary information to expand your business and help you grow yourself as the leading spa in your area.

This in-person course will go over these three key learning objectives in detail to assist in your success within the industry. Over the course of four weeks, you will spend one full day each week learning about effective business strategies and how they translate into the success of a spa. Through interactive discussion in a standard lecture style, you will have full opportunity to be devoted to your trainings while practicing learned principles in a controlled setting.   

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    Meet Your Instructors

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    Advanced Esthetics

    Learn about the history of the medispa industry as well as the treatments that make up the field, including exfoliation, microdermabrasion, microneedling, laser treatment, laser hair removal, and chemical peels.

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    Ayurveda Body Therapies

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    Chemical Peels

    In this one-day course designed for nurses and licensed estheticians, you’ll learn how chemical peels, paired with a solid skin care regimen, will expand your business.


    CIDESCO Prep Course & Exam

    For those licensed estheticians that are looking for increased income potential and the opportunity to become certified to practice internationally in your craft, our upcoming CIDESCO Prep Course is designed specifically for you.


    Learn theory and treatment protocols that will help you layer dermaplaning as an easy add-on service for your salon and spa guests prior to a chemical peel or during a facial.



    Dermaplaning & Microdermabrasion

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    Classic Eyelash Extension Training

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    Volume Eyelash Extension Training

    The Institute of Beauty and Wellness offers a Lash Addict eyelash extension training program Volume Lash training.


    Introduction to Medispa

    In the intro to medispa course, gain knowledge of medspa history as well as rules and regulations for workplace and client safety.



    Learn about the latest laser treatments and laser hair removal techniques to help jumpstart your career in medical aesthetics.


    Makeup Workshops

    Learn the latest trends with our Aveda makeup specialists. Each workshop has a different makeup focus such as: complexion, evening, and contour.


    In this course, learn the various formulations and ingredients of topical serums used with microneedling treatments and much more!

    Spa Management

    In this course, learn the necessary information to expand your business and help you grow yourself as the leading spa in your area.

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