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Are you interested in expanding into the medispa industry? Not only is the medispa industry rapidly-growing, but is highly sought-after and proven effective. Now is the perfect time to expand your service menus or move into a reputable medispa.

Cosmeceutical products and procedures are rapidly growing, and clients of all demographics are recognizing how effective and beneficial they are. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we have many specialized advanced education programs that are guaranteed to positively impact you and your clients—including Introduction to Medispa.

Medispas are seeking out professionals like you to make an impact! Now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and dive into this new skillset to reach this widely untouched demographic of clients seeking various advanced treatments. If you are considering your next steps, look no further than the Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

**Note: If you do not have experience working in a medical spa, this course should be taken before pursuit of the one-day MicroneedlingDermaplaningMicrodermabrasion and Dermaplaning, or Chemical Peel courses. **

During this one-day training, you will get an inside look at all the various technical components that make up the medispa industry. This course works as a great introduction to the medispa industry and will provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to be successful in the industry. After completing this course, you will then have the ability to take designated service courses of your choosing to enhance your medispa experience.  

In order to confidently provide treatments, it is important that you learn the medical side of esthetics since the treatment, client information, and products drastically differ from a typical spa setting.

Throughout your training at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, various topics relating to client information, history, and growth opportunities will be discussed to ensure you have a solid foundation before going into treatment details.



Must be licensed esthetician or registered nurse



Advanced Esthetics treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm. Not only are they growing in popularity, but clients are realizing the positive results that are being provided.

At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we take this all into consideration with our advanced programs. Your success and the safety of you and your clients are important to us which is why we require the Introduction to Medispa course before any other specialized service courses are taken.

Start your journey here, and register now to enhance your business with the Advanced Introduction to Medispa Program.


Your training will consist of a half of day learning through distance education. During this 4-hour training, you will be partnered with some of the best instructors in the area to help you grow your knowledge in all things relating to the medispa industry.


Interested in offering these aesthetics services to the guests in your salon or spa? Considering the opportunity to work in a medical spa environment? If so, this exfoliation course is for you!


Advance your makeup skills with The Institute’s one-day Airbrush Makeup Workshop. This dynamic workshop includes theory, demonstration, and hands-on education.


Learn theory and treatment protocols that will help you layer dermaplaning as an easy add-on service for your salon and spa guests prior to a chemical peel or during a facial.

In this one-day course designed for nurses and licensed estheticians, you’ll learn how chemical peels, paired with a solid skin care regimen, will expand your business.