Living the Aveda Mission

Environmental Leadership and Responsibility

AVEDA's mission is to care for the world we live in, and as an Aveda Institute we strive to uphold the same values. In fact, we recite the Aveda Mission at the start of every student assembly. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we strive to set and example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but in our communities. 

It all starts with respect. Respect for ourselves, our classmates, and the desire to pass it along to our guests. When we begin each day with an outlook of deep appreciation for the opportunity we all have to learn, and work, with a high level of inspired creativity, we organically plant a seed of gratitude to bloom throughout our careers. Sounds easier said than done, so how do our students sustain this mission? 

time for Self-Care

We allow ourselves permission to set aside a moment each day to reflect on inner and outer peace. After a long day, five minutes in a quiet space to breathe deeply can clear your head from the stress from the day. This is just as important for mental health as it is to help you focus. Monthly guided yoga is also available to all students. When we are able to clearly see and hear ourselves and others, we create harmony and align with our best selves.  

students doing yoga in auditorium


Did you know “aveda” means all knowledge? The Institute of Beauty and Wellness works tirelessly to be a pillar of knowledge for our students, but we recognize the value in finding inspiration outside of the classroom. We encourage moments to recharge, whether it’s through a hobby like ayurvedic cooking or traveling. Passion works through the soul and manifests itself into our work and onto our guests.

ayurveda spices


Demonstrate respect for others’ emotions and well-being. As future service providers, we will have the unique experience of interacting and learning from different people and cultures on a daily basis. While students, we study and perform Aveda Rituals rooted in ancient traditions to guide guests on a sensory journey when they enter our spaces. We believe it’s just as important to provide guests with the opportunity to look great, as it is to also feel great, when they walk out the door.

Environmental Consciousness

We respect our environment by making small, simple eco-friendly friendly choices each day. Our clinic floors have recycled hair and product packaging instead of throwing toxins into our sewers and away. We annually host an earth month themed fashion show that encourages students to create outfits using found and recycled materials. We also fundraise biannually to raise money for our communities. We choose Aveda—100% vegan now and always. 

The Aveda Mission is livable and versatile for each lifestyle, and the smallest changes can lead to larger changes over time. We can make a difference in the world by continuing to live the mission each day.  

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