Barbering 101

Barbering 101

Why Licensure is Critical to a Successful Career

At the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness, we want all our students to have the skills and knowledge needed to start a successful career after they graduate from their program of choice. This includes providing theory and practical hours needed for the state board exam to become licensed. Here are some of the top reasons to enroll into our barbering program to become a licensed barber. 

While we understand that anybody can become a barber through hard work and practice, becoming a licensed professional is a primary goal of students enrolled in our program. The Institute of Beauty & Wellness’ gets you one step closer to fulfilling the number of hours required to take the state license exam and start your career as a professional barber.  

We encourage all current and future barbers to become licensed so that they have the credentials needed to earn trust from future clients, to let them know that they are in good hands when they sit down in a new chair. When you are licensed, it demonstrates that you have not only passed State certifications but have also spent a necessary amount of time refining your craft under an experienced mentor. Throughout your time at the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness’ barbering program, you will gain the confidence to give clients your own unique flair by understanding the ins and outs of barbering techniques, including hair color, chemical treatments, and facial hair grooming to complete the look.

Did you know that in the 18th century, the barbering profession was so important that it was part of the medical field? In the beginning of the barbering program, our curriculum covers the basics of barbering, including the unique history and culture of the industry. A deep dive into theory also prepares students to distinguish between different properties and disorders that may affect clients’ hair and scalp, and how to identify appropriate treatments that’d ensure every person who sits in your chair leaves feeling healthy and as their most confident self. 

A vital component of the program is to establish the importance of sanitation and safety protocols. During this time, you also cover Barbicide® training so that you can also earn this certification. These are valuable skills that will give your clients peace of mind that you are taking the steps needed to clean and sanitize tools properly and to code. 

During your time at the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness, we strive to prepare our students for a long, and fulfilling career in barbering, which is why our program includes foundational lessons, in theory, technique, and occupational wellness. It is just as important to learn how to hold tools correctly to avoid workplace injuries as it is to learn how to shape a trending cut. This helps extend your professional longevity by taking care of your hands and the rest of your body, which is crucial for any barber. Our instructors cover material related to all tools of the trade so that you can confidently prepare for state exams, execute a successful externship placement program, as well as interview confidently at any of our quarterly hosted career fairs attended by 40+ industry professionals. 

Advance your Career

Upon completion of the barbering program, we hope that you will have the necessary skill set to become licensed and that you graduate armed with the knowledge to keep your books filled with clients that trust you to always have them looking and feeling their best. By becoming licensed, you join a network of other barbers that can help you develop other skills and gain access to career advancement opportunities that are right for you. This includes barber battle contests to tradeshows, where you can learn new techniques and try out new products to implement in your day-to-day. Many of these opportunities are exclusive to licensed barbers, and after graduating from one of the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness, you also have access to continuing education opportunities and guest speaker events to further your learning with the guidance of world-class professionals. 

Enrolling in the barbering program at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness is only the beginning of a fulfilling career as a barber. Many industries will continue evolving and barbering is certainly no exception as people will always need their hair groomed. You can rest assured that people will always want to look their best even as the times, styles and economies change. Learn more about our barbering program or request information.