An Inside Look into Cosmetology:

An Inside Look into Cosmetology:

The beauty industry is large and ever-growing! With so many options it can be difficult to determine which area to explore. With options ranging from makeup, hair, barbering, nails, lashes, massage, holistic healing, and more—the opportunities can seem endless. For some, you may know exactly which avenue you want to explore, for others it can take a bit more research.

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we want to ensure that you feel confident in your decision—both program and career. By providing you with the necessary program information, gathering your interests, and exploring various career opportunities, we can get started on helping you explore your next steps.  With a wide variety of offered programs, it is certain that we have something for you.

Our top program—Cosmetology—is considered to be a great starting point for those of you who are still considering your options or seeking additional information. Cosmetology is offered at most beauty schools around the nation because of its popularity and high demand.


About Cosmetology:
If you have a love for hairstyling, cutting, coloring, barbering, all while creating timeless looks and trends, then cosmetology is your perfect go-to. It should come as no surprise that cosmetology is so popular and in high demand. However, you want to make sure that you are getting the right education. In order to succeed in this field, and others like it, you have to be trusted to not only provide timeless results, but also keep your client’s safety and sanitation in mind throughout the whole service.
At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison we are committed to not only your education and licensure, but also your future. The Cosmetology Program consists of 1,600 total hours which meets and exceeds minimum state requirements. At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison we are determined to take your education a step further by providing you with additional training. By exceeding state requirements, we are able to offer you more hands-on training to ensure you are ready for your future in the beauty industry.

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The Growing Market:

As we mentioned, the market is growing for hair stylists, barbers, makeup artists, and nail designers. Meaning, clients aren’t just looking for just anyone to do be their stylist, they are looking for someone like YOU to be their stylist. Someone who is licensed, professional, on-trend, personable, and a natural visionary.

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we build on your raw strengths and natural abilities. Regardless of where you are in your personal journey, exploring various beauty school options means that you have a vision, creative ability, and a passion for servicing others. That is a solid foundation we can build on!

There will always be a need for stylists, both nationally and internationally. It is an all-inclusive demographic that you can choose to either specialize in certain areas of cosmetology or open yourself up to be widely experienced in all different areas of cosmetology. The best part? It is completely up to you and your vision. Our instructors not only have a passion for the stylist industry, but a passion for you. If you have a goal, vision, or idea, they will ensure to do everything they can to help you reach it.


Your Cosmetology Program at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison will include all things hair styling, coloring, and cutting—but also barbering! Regardless of your steps after graduation, we want to make sure you have an opportunity to work with all hair styles, lengths, textures, and types. In understanding barbering, you will be able to service yet another group of individuals in your salon!

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, your Cosmetology program will include an in-depth education involving barbering lessons with hands-on practice. After graduation, you can then decide what you want to specialize in at your salon. Barbering is a great skill to learn because there is a large and growing need for reliable barbers. There are a lot of non-licensed barbers in the industry currently. Being licensed means you not only can confidently provide great looks for your clients, but you can do it in a safe and consistent way. Hair servicing, regardless of the type, is dependent upon consistency, sanitation, and safety for both you and your clients; therefore, licensing should be a non-negotiable.

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At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we focus on the importance of licensing, practice, and safety and sanitation in all aspects of our education. We do not believe in cutting corners– rather supply you with as much extra learning and hands-on training as possible to ensure you can provide the best possible future for yourself and clients.


That’s right! Included in your Cosmetology Program will be a section devoted to all things nails. Manicuring is a great way to provide an added experience for your clients and a better personal service menu for you. During their processing period, adding on a relaxing manicure or pedicure, or filling up your schedule with manicures or pedicures in between hair clients is a great way to keep you booked and busy.

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we want to make you as marketable as possible. Meaning, the more we can teach you here, the more you can provide to your clients in the future. Although manicuring doesn’t work with hair, it does provide you an additional technique that you can use to help gain new clients and keep your current clients.

Hair may not need treatment every 3 weeks, but nails do. Keep that in mind!

If you want to specialize in only nails, we can do that too! At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we offer a Manicuring Program that specializes in various nail techniques including enhancements, gel, and designs!

IBW student in manicuring clinic


You read that correctly! As a cosmetology student at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison you will be taught basic esthetic services such as skincare treatments, makeup, facials, and facial waxing. Even though this is not the primary focus of your program, it is going to give you yet another piece of knowledge to take with you into your future.

With your cosmetology license, you will be able to provide your clients basic level facials, makeup application, and facial waxing to enhance the experience for your client and keep your books filled!

Our Cosmetology program is centered around providing you with as many learning opportunities as possible. Especially for those of you who may not have a specific service you want to specialize in. We want you to have the opportunity to learn as much as you can about as many things as you can to help pave the way for a successful future.

Interested in learning more about what the Institute of Beauty and Wellness can do for you? Schedule your campus visit or apply now to learn more about the opportunities in store for you! Regardless of where you are in your personal journey, we can help you get ahead in the next chapter of your journey! We look forward to your visit!

Your Future:

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we want to make sure that you are successful. Cosmetology is not only a growing industry, but an industry in need of licensed professionals like you. Someone who is not only talented and educated, but that has a passion for the industry and a focus on client health and safety.

During your time with us as a student in our Cosmetology Program, you will also receive marketing education to properly showcase your skills to existing and future clients. The goal is to always to keep busy and keep your books full. We want to make sure that you have all the tools and education possible to make sure that happens for you.

As a part of your education, you also have the chance to be a part of our externship program that will give you real-life training inside one of our partner salons to receive an inside look into the industry and your future.

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