What The Students Are Up To

What The Students Are Up To

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Student Life, Lately…

There has been a lot going on at Aveda IBW recently– from Guest Educators to Bus Tours, our students have been busy. So, we thought we’d put all of the highlights together for you to check out for yourself!

BUS TOUAveda bus tourR

Here at Aveda IBW, we take Career Fairs to a whole new level with our Bus Tours. A few times a year, our Admissions team travel take a day to travel with students to salons & spas in the greater Milwaukee area. This gives our future professionals the opportunity to tour the space, ask questions, get a feel for the environment and staff, and turn in their resume.

Read more about the Spring Bus Tour here >> blog written by IBW student


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We love all of our amazing Guest Educators, but we have a soft spot in our heart for the Aveda Global Artists. Aveda IBW had the privilege of learning the
hottest techniques & trends in the industry from the people who help create the products we use everyday– from hairspray to moisturizer.

Below is a list of the Aveda Global Artists that paid us a visit & a little about their time at IBW.


The Institute of Beauty and Wellness’ Owner, Susan Haise, is very passionate about staying connected current to what is going on it the world of technology. This is why technology & the environment go hand-in-hand at IBW. Recently, we have dropped the text books and went for a greener route. All of our textbooks are now stored remotely on iPads that each student receives in their program’s kit. This allows us to stop wasting paper and get more aligned with Aveda’s mission statement “…we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility…”

>> Learn more about Aveda IBW’s use of technology HERE.



The Green Team is a group of students who meets once a month to make sure the school is supporting the Aveda Mission. Our Green Team meets once a month in the Aveda Building. Since The Green Team’s last meeting we have posted informational signs around the Aveda Building educating on recycling, living a green lifestyle and small things you can do to protect the earth. We are also excited to announce we have planted a rooftop garden!
>> Read more about the Green Team HERE.





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