What Does Esthiology Mean?

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What Does Esthiology Mean?


What is it? You may have noticed that most beauty schools do not refer to their skin care programs as Esthiology programs. Since it is such a unique approach to the curriculum, it can be confusing to define what esthiology means. Throughout your student experience, you will be taught the natural and holistic approach to all elements of skin treatment and healing.

Esthiology vs. Esthetics

Is esthetics and esthiology the same thing? At the root: yes. Esthiology is esthetics. Esthetics is the practice of skin care and skin beautification. This can include facials, body treatments, waxes, and even makeup application. Esthiology is different at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness (IBW), though. 

We teach not only the practical application of skin care, but overall holistic wellness, including Aveda rituals, as part of our program. We believe that these additions will help our program stand out from regular skin care programs you might see elsewhere. 

Which License will you recieve?

Great question! In the state of Wisconsin, someone who wishes to become a skin care professional will need to go through the training, examination, and licensure procedure to become an aesthetician.

Our Esthiology program is state-approved to provide the necessary training to sit for the state board examination.


In order for our programs to be state-approved, we must uphold a certain level of education and provide necessary information as directed by the state. 

To answer your question, we teach the mandatory requirements needed to sit in on the state boards as well as adding extra curricula for extended knowledge to those interested.  

What you can expect to learn in our Aveda Esthiology program includes a variety of skin care techniques, hair removal, makeup application, and more! In addition, our curriculum has a focus on Aveda philosophies and holistic wellness. We focus on the use of chakra rituals and other practices that will help aid a healthy lifestyle. You won’t find this type of experience in non-Aveda institutions.  

As an add-on to our program, we also provide our students with the opportunity to become Certified Lash Addict eyelash extension specialists. Many of our students love this additional education! 

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness also goes a bit farther by providing iPads for all students to learn and grow with. Incorporating digital learning into our classrooms is important to us because of the way our students learn and develop with technology! 


This one’s easy! If you’re interested in exploring the world of skin care, more specifically esthiology, visit The Institute of Beauty and Wellness.We’d be happy to walk you through our enrollment process on your scheduled tour to make sure this program is the right fit for you. 

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