Visualize Your School Journey

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Thinking of starting a career in the beauty and wellness industry?  An educational and career focused vision board can be a great activity to manifest this into your reality.  A vision board is a form of backcasting, defining a desired future and then working backwards to assess what it requires to get there. Your board should be a graphic representation of what your goals are and it should encourage you to bring those goals to life!  Including motivational and inspiring content encourages growth and betterment building a visual road map to your future. 

Getting Started


The first thing you want to do when creating your board is to make a short list of tasks that lays out the steps you need to take to bring the board to life.  For example:

  • Choose a school
  • Enroll in classes
  • Educational goals while attending
  • Graduation/Lincensure
  • Job Placement

Gather Information

The Best is Yet to Come

Next, you’ll want to scour the internet for your images.  You can use free image sites like or to help curate your board.  Once you select your visuals, place them all in the same folder for easy access later.  Visualize what kind of student you desire to be and choose images that represent that.  For example, find an image of the city you would like to attend school, then search for schools that you are interested in attending in that city.  Are you really excited about a particular class or module and want to put a focus in that on your board? Is there a specific salon or spa you would like to work for? 


Putting your board together can be a great form of meditation.  Setting aside uninterrupted quiet time to focus on your intentions can be very beneficial to your mental health. Use programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway, Google Slides, Pinterest or Prezi to create your board.  Arrange your images however you choose and have fun with it!  There isn’t any specific way you need to lay them out, do whatever feels good to you and inspires you in the moment.  You can also sprinkle in a few inspirational quotes or words that motivate you.

Beauty School Vision Board

Bring Your Journey to Life

You can print out your vision board or you can save your board as a jpeg and use it as your background on mobile devices.  Keeping your board in a place that you will look at it each day to inspire your journey is important.  Create the habit of using your board as a reference when you are making life choices.  When presented with a situation that requires a decision, ask yourself, will this help me achieve my goals or will it delay them?  This self-assessment is really important to hold yourself accountable and remain on your path. 

Share your vision board with your parents, friends, partner or guidance counselor.  Your support people can assist you in the process and keep you responsible.  It is also a great idea to bring your vision board along to your admissions meeting and share it with your admissions counselor.  You can refer to your board during conversations with the counselor to assure that you are both on the same page. 

Change is Good

As you pursue your career, reference your board and ask yourself if your goals have changed or shifted.  While in school, you may be inspired by new skills you have learned.  Add new inspiration to your board that surround what you have accomplished to further progress.  When you reach goals, take the time to celebrate yourself!  You’ve worked hard to get there, and that is a great driver to continue reaching milestones. Personal growth and self-betterment are a journey, so why not create something beautiful to walk you through it?

Ready to start your journey?  Our Milwaukee and Madison campuses are currently conducting virtual tours and enrollments.  For more information on our programs, Schedule a virtual tour and meet with our Admissions team today and share your vision board with us!