State Board Preperation

Did life get in the way and prevent you from becoming licensed after graduation? Let us help you prepare for state boards!

Alumni are invited back into the classroom to audit state board preparation coursework on a case-by-case basis. Contact [email protected] to request more information.


Continued Education

Courses & Workshops for Licensed Professionals

Our focus is on lifelong learning and passion for the craft. Courses and workshops offer licensed professionals the opportunity to stay ahead of trends and receive hands-on training with new equipment and technological advancements in the field. Virtual and in-person offerings are available to meet your busy personal and professional demands. 

Advanced Education

Feeling less than inspired in your current position? Our professional-level workshops and courses cover a broad range of refresher content as well as advanced and continuing education opportunities. Alumni are awarded registration discounts, just contact [email protected] to request your discount code.

Visit our Advanced Education page to learn more.

Guest Education

Throughout the year, Alumni receive complimentary email invitations to attend Institute student seminars and guest workshops. Want to ensure we have your correct email address on file?

Reach out to update your profile and add [email protected] to your contacts to ensure our communications don’t end up in your spam folder.

Additional Benefits

Career Fairs

• Our Institutes host quarterly career fairs
• 30+ employers attend
• Interview opportunities with salon & spa owners
• Open to alumni and current students

Job Board

• Regional opportunities throughout WI
• AVEDA Network opportunities worldwide
• Open to alumni and current students

Aveda Discounts

20% off discount all retail products purchased from our Institute Clinic Labs.
20% discount off all services offered from our Institute Clinic Labs.

To redeem discount at the retail counter, provide full name, graduation program and year.

New Career? Tell us about it

Email us at [email protected] with the juicy details!

If you’d like to help us advocate for future students and better work with state and federal officials to ensure our graduates are gainfully employed, we welcome all alumni to submit confidential evidence of employment (including W-2's, first name, graduation program and year). To inquire about this program, please contact [email protected]

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