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Student Blog: Top 10 Quarantine Hair Posts on Instagram

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You’ve seen the memes: quarantine hair is totally a thing. Though people around the world  have been spending a lot of time at home, they still want great hair. Quarantine hair has ranged from mistakes that are better left taken care of by professional (and student!) hair designers, to colorful, creative masterpieces. Cosmetology student Kaylee Kreeb reviews some of her favorite quarantine hair posts on Instagram in this student blog.

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While in quarantine, I feel that there has been a lot of emphasis placed on hair. Everyone either needs a haircut out of necessity, or just wants to experiment and have fun to combat boredom. This experimentation has made for a great Instagram explore feed. I have been saving collections during the distance learning and have found so many creative hairstyles and colors, from both professional pages as well as (non-professional) hair enthusiasts. I decided to my rank my top ten favorite quarantine hair posts from Instagram to share the inspiration.

#10: @hairbrained_official (original post by @hairbymakaylao)
This style includes a faceted layer into shag-style pixie cut. It’s a very creative take on the soccer mom look. In my opinion, the classic soccer mom look has been tainted (by association with the infamous “Karen”), but can be transformed with added details such as shag or a fringe.

#9: @kaelatavares_
This advertisement for Maui Haircare shows the process of washing and diffusing natural curls. She has so much hair, and I really enjoyed looking at the end result. She’s got the softest curls! I also love the resourcefulness of using a hair tie to cut the split ends.

#8: @hairbrained_official (original post by @alottavagyna)
This Joan Jett-inspired look is so beautiful. The mini mullet with the dark hair and red lips is timeless. This classic cut truly emphasizes the model’s cheekbones and face shape.

#7: @i.an.ya.i
These quick hairstyles are very trendy and cute, plus, they are perfect for spring and summer. You can get creative by adding your own accessories and hair pieces to the look.

#6: @twistedscissorschicago
Twisted Scissors is one of my favorite salons to follow on social media; their stylists are such a family, and they create beautiful hair. I love the multi-colored pastels in this particular post, and I love that the 1/4 part that is shaved down continues the same pattern as the rest of the hair instead of being one solid color.

#5: @hairbrained_official (original post by @alydavishair)
I feel this color is very trendy right now, and I love the sectioning they did. It turned out very clean and bold. I think this type of sectioning for color looks especially good on this type of haircut or even a few inches shorter!

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#4: @joico
Joico’s posts are always perfect and one of their brand storytellers @omgartistry really shows off their beautiful toners in this post. I enjoy this side-by-side comparison of how different toners can create different shades of blonde.

#3: @stellacini
Stella is a self-taught beauty YouTuber. In this post, Stella uses Arctic Fox hair color, which I am obsessed with, to fix her quarantine hair that she was no longer happy with. The results? They speak for themselves. This was a super simple at-home process with undetectable at-home mistakes.

#2: @sophiehannah
Sophie is a beauty blogger on Instagram. I’m always looking for simple styles like this to master for work or school. I cannot wait for my hair to grow out a little bit longer so that I can try this out!

#1: @hairbrained_official (original post by @presleypoe)
And in first place is a hair color I have not stopped looking at after I saw it on Hair Brained! I find this color pattern to be very unique. While ombré is popular, the underside is a completely different ombré. The colors are clean and vibrant.

Hopefully Kaylie’s compilation of quarantine hair posts gave you some inspiration for your next ‘do. Let us know your favorite look in the comments! Then, check out Kaylie’s blog to catch her next post.

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