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Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy Program

IBW-Massage Therapy Student

Wellness is at the core of our education. Our 750-hour massage therapy program takes you on a journey of understanding and discovery that works to submerge you in the benefits of massage. Our curriculum, rooted in the Aveda Mission, includes a range of theoretical and practical education opportunities, such as cadaver labs, CPR training, and specialty clinics. Learn anatomy, master techniques, and build skills that will help you succeed in the spa. With dedicated instructors by your side, you can feel confident practicing your skills in the clinic lab. Enroll in our program to begin your journey in the wellness industry, and get on track to become a licensed massage therapist.

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program Highlights

Full-Time: 22 weeks | Evening: 38 weeks | Three-Day: 36 Weeks*

Our 750-hour Massage Therapy Program covers:



Learn muscle anatomy, cell function and kinesiology of the human body. Discover the fundamentals of Swedish massage, chair massage, reflexology, and aromalogy. Study the science of the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda. Begin practical knowledge through hands-on palpation and application of massage techniques. Learn proper sanitation and safety procedures to keep both you and your guests safe. Practice your studies by bringing your classroom knowledge onto the clinic floor. Throughout the alpha phase, your knowledge will be measured by written and technical evaluation.


Broaden your knowledge as you learn deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and Asian Theory while working under the supervision of well-qualified instructors with years of experience to share. Gain an appreciation for Asian theory as you explore Shiatsu, Amma, and acupressure techniques. Learn to apply hot stone, lymphatic drainage, and neuromuscular techniques. Measure your knowledge of clinical pathology through analyzing case studies and designing session plans for your guests with chronic pain, repetitive stress injuries, myofascial pain syndrome, and other disorders.


Enjoy the experience of nurturing the pregnant guest and infants through our prenatal and Mommy-and-Me workshops. During the business portion of your program, learn how to interview effectively, catch the eye of a potential employer and design your own business plan. Learn to correctly identify postural distortion and how to rebalance the body through application of the proper massage modality. Upon successful completion, you will receive the certificate that will mark the beginning of your new career.


The Aveda Life

Our online curriculum system, called LearnAveda, is filled with training options and updates that can see you through graduation. 


A future in massage takes more than just a deep skill and knowledge base. At The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we help to facilitate your successful future by our small class sizes, as well as providing you with a personal iPad to help you access our online curriculum and keep your knowledge relevant. With more one-on-one instructional possibilities and hands-on learning, we go one step above and include daily business management lessons to help you create a customer experience to help keep your calendar booked.


At The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, our massage therapy education begins with an education in anatomy and clinical skills that are bolstered by opportunities such as cadaver labs, CPR training, and specialty clinics. Additionally, we offer an education that includes a wide variety of massage disciplines, such as Swedish and deep tissue, that are necessary for a successful career.


Building upon these solid foundations, we give our program the Aveda branding you are looking for by training in Aveda rituals such as aromatherapy, Chakra, and body opening movements that were pioneered by Aveda’s founder Horst Rechelbacher. With multiple principles, and more time practicing your skill in the Aveda Massage Spa, we seek to prepare you for a career that may leave you with a lasting success.

IBW-Massage Therapy Student


As a student at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you are doing more than enrolling in a massage therapy program, you are joining a lifelong family of education and learning. We know that once you pass your exams and begin your career, you are far from completing your learning.


Each year we welcome guest speakers who teach additional training techniques to our current students, as well as our talented alumni. These workshops are meant to help you expand your knowledge and keep your skill at its peak. These events are available to our graduates throughout their careers to keep them up-to-date with required education hours for renewing their licenses.


At The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we know that wellness is more than skin deep. The integrity you hold for wellness and beauty are the building blocks to helping you become the best you can be in your career and in your life.

preparing for success

A future in massage takes more than practical skill. Become best in class in the wellness industry with a well-rounded education that teaches science, technique, business and excellence in service. The massage therapy program at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness begins with teaching a strong understanding of the anatomy and clinical skills to build a solid foundation. Our program includes a wide variety of massage disciplines, such as Swedish and deep tissue, that are necessary for a successful career. Beyond the foundation, our massage therapy program trains students in providing luxury service and experiences to guests through teaching Aveda wellness rituals, such as aromatherapy and body opening movements, which will prepare students for careers in high-end spas.

Start your career before graduation, and continue learning as a professional. Tap into our network of luxury spas in Madison, Milwaukee and beyond at career fairs. After graduation, keep your skills and knowledge base sharp through our CEU and advanced education trainings. Students and alumni have lifelong access to career events and continued education opportunities to retain a long, fulfilling career.