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Instructor Program

You’re an expert — now be a teacher.


Are you a licensed professional with a passion to teach? Our 150-hour Instructor Program will provide you with the foundational skills needed to pursue a career as an instructor in beauty or wellness. Learn effective lesson planning, communication skills, coaching, and grading principal techniques before you receive hands-on experience of observing on the clinic floor. Approximately three hours of homework per week will be given. The program will have 32 observation hours and 40 student teaching hours to be fulfilled based on availability and scheduling.

Learn to Lead

You’ll begin your journey by learning the fundamentals of teaching skills objectives, competencies, methods, and lesson planning. Once the fundamental skills are taught you will be introduced to teaching techniques of the practical laboratory, interpersonal relations, evaluation, and grading principles. You will then begin to learn facilitating and managing skills, classroom management, communications, counseling, record-keeping, and safety/first aid training.


Finally, you will get ready to launch your career with supervised teaching, practical applications on the clinic floor, and basic skills of practical teaching techniques. This will prepare you to confidently handle and assess various situations that could arise on the clinic floor while teaching.