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Straight Razor Shave – January 16th


Basic straight razor skills & drills workshop.

Date:  January 16, 9am – 4pm

Location: Milwaukee

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Techniques Covered: 
  • Razor Positioning
  • Shaving
  • Luxury Service Practices

Registrants will first shave balloons with the objective being to not poop the balloon, and practice proper positioning of the razor. Once position and confidence are mastered, registrants will practice shaving each other. The workshop also emphasizes the luxury nature of this service and how to create and communicate that experience for guests.


Registrants must be licensed barbering or cosmetology professionals and must provide a personal straight razor.

Registrants are responsible for finding 1 hair model. If you are having difficulty finding models, reach out to [email protected] to see if we can possibly help.

Instructor: Michelle 
License Required




Tools Required

Cape, Straight Razor Blade

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