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The Institute Insider podcast takes you inside the world of beauty, barbering, the spa and beyond. Go behind the scenes of The Institute of Beauty and Wellness and sister school Aveda Institute Madison to meet the students, instructors and people who shape our community.

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#11 | Cruelty-Free Cosmetology with Sasha Maness

Sasha Maness is a cosmetology student at our Madison campus, Aveda Institute Madison. Sahsa is a vegan, and in this episode, she talks vegan cosmetics and shares why that is important to her. Sasha also shares her joruney and how the program is going so far.

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#10 | Healing A Community with Whitney Fisher

Whitney Fisher is a massage therapy student at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness. In this episode, Whitney shares her journey and talks about what stress of the modern era means for the wellness industry. She also discusses Whitney’s plans to bring healing to her community.

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#9 | Back to School with Student Margo Eis

Margo Eis is a cosmetology student at Aveda Institute Madison. Margo shares how her mother inspired Margo to get into cosmetology. She also talks about what it’s like to balance life and school in today’s world.

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#8 | Finding Your Journey with Student Alison Eddy

Listen to Aveda Institute Madison Ayurveda Esthetics student Alison Eddy talk about her nine year journey into the wellness industry. Before enrolling in the Ayureda Esthetic program, Alison obtained a 4-year degree in speech pathology. Hear how she ended up on a new career path in the beauty industry.

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#7 | Get To Know Assistant Director Ari Oldenburg

Meet Ari, the assistant director of our Madison campus, Aveda Institute Madison. Ari shares her journey about getting started in the industry and how she became the assistant director at the school.

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#6 | Alumni Spotlight: Twis the Barber

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness alumni Christopher Taylor, also known as Twis, shares the story of his journey into barbering. Get to know Twis and the barbershop, Fresh Look Barber & Beauty Lounge (7518 W Fond Du Lac Ave), where he now works.

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#5 | Ayurveda 101 with Rima Shah

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness instructor Rima Shah breaks down the Ayurveda Esthetic program and shares some wisdom on philosophy and the foundations of Ayurveda.

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#4 | Alumni Spotlight: Sam Storms on Cosmetology

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness alumni Sam Storms shares her journey from beauty school to behind the chair. Sam currently works as a hair designer at Neroli Salon & Spa.

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#3 | Nicole Russo-Miller Hiring for Kohler Waters Spa

Spa director and past grad Nicole Russo-Miller is currently hiring for service providers, especially massage therapists, at world-renowned Kohler Waters Spa. Learn more about job opportunities, including financial assistance with education, and hear Nicole’s story.

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#2 | Making an Institute with Susan Haise

Listen in for a journey into the life of Susan Haise, CEO of The institute of Beauty and Wellness, Aveda Institute Madison and Neroli Salon and Spa. On this episode, we learn about what initially got Susan into the beauty industry, the process of starting a school and how her vision has expanded throughout the years.

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#1 | Get Real with Director Kari Kennedy

Director of The Institute of Beauty and Wellness and Aveda Institute Madison gives us the inside scoop at the institutes to kick off the first episode in the series.

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