Instructor at which location: The Institute of Beauty and Wellness

Instructor Since: 2017

License Held: Massage Therapy 

Additional Education: Milwaukee Area Technical College/Applied Science

Service Specialties:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger Point

Why I chose the Industry: Somethings in life, you need to just try. I didn’t have a plan after high school, I knew I needed to make more money, but I didn’t want to spend forever in school. I thought about a 2-year schooling option, however, I still didn’t know what I wanted to focus on. I knew I needed to do something, then one day during track practice I was working out a knot in my friends shoulder and they mentioned that I was really good at working out the knots and I was able to massage for a longer time then most amateurs. I didn’t really ponder on the concept too much, then one day a group of friends were discussing job ideas. Some talked about a 2-year, others 4-year or higher, but that really seemed like the only option. I considered Physical Therapy, but the educational laws were changing for the degree, making it take longer and cost more. Another option was the 2-year physical therapy assistant program at one of the technical colleges in the area, I didn’t know if I was committed enough for another 2-years of school. Then one-day in my senior year of high-school I was working on a friends shoulder during lunch, a lunch aid walked by and commented: “You know only professionals are allowed to do that, you need to stop it.” My one friend commented, that I was basically a professional all I had to do was take the classes. Another friend scoffed at the lunch aid and said that I was really good, and had already been helping her with her headaches. It was decided then and there that after high-school I would be entering Massage School.

Why I love to teach: I’ve always worked to be the leader or the boss, in my life. All my jobs I’ve ever worked, my managers have always joked that I was gunning for their jobs. It was never out of malice,. but out of my own personal drive to be better. In 2014 I decided to go back to school to work on my associates degree, all my other educational plans seemed blocked, because of the fact I didn’t have at least a 2-year degree. I decided I needed to get a degree in some specific type of management. I was already a massage therapist, and the clinic I was currently working for was looking to grow. I was eventually promoted to Regional Customer Service trainer, where I held training sessions on how to work more efficiently, with different types of customer behaviors based upon the need of the client. I was getting really good reviews by the students and their managers, what I was teaching was working. I learned then that I loved helping people grow and learn things that are not only useful in one place in their life. Teaching give us the ability to share our experience with other people and in turn learn more about each other, and maybe one day we will learn how much alike we all really are.

When not teaching, you can find me: Hanging out at home reading, watching Star Trek, playing with my cats. Or, maybe, I’m not home at all and I’m traveling seeing new things or taking new classes.

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