Meet Morgan, Yoga Teacher Trainer at Aveda IBW

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Meet Morgan, Yoga Teacher Trainer at Aveda IBW

Morgan, Aveda IBW’s yoga instructor, may be the most zen human you’ll ever meet.  With ten years of yoga practice under her belt (or Lululemon waistband), Morgan brings a unique curriculum to want-to-be yoga instructors at Aveda IBW.  

Everyone, meet Morgan.

First, what got you interested in yoga?

I picked up yoga when I attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison for one year.  While I was there, I found myself experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression.  I was in a new city, away from my support system, and had some toxic relationships.  My circumstances kept bringing me back to my mat.

Can you tell us about your training experience?

I decided to become a yoga instructor four years ago.  In 2014, I received my 200-hour yoga certification in Bali, Indonesia under Shana Broadwell.  Then, in January 2017, I became 500-hour certified under Raghunath in India.  

I teach corporate classes and also personal classes.  I am very excited to bring my teacher training to Aveda IBW.

What distinguishes your yoga teacher training program at Aveda IBW?

So many things.  First, I highlight experiential anatomy. So, unlike other programs–where the teacher points at a skeleton and names bones and muscles–we actually go through motions to feel those parts of our body while we learn about anatomy in the traditional sense. 

Also, my program is both physical and philosophical. Rather than solely teaching postures, we also go into Ayurveda and yoga texts to enhance our practice. This is so important, as it creates your “off the mat” practice.

Lastly, this yoga program can fit anyone’s schedule.  Typical 2-week intensive programs aren’t doable for full-time workers, students, or parents. This program occurs on the weekends and lasts 9-months.

Can you speak to the trend in yoga? Why is it taking off now?

Yoga started in India, and originally, it was only for men.  Krishnamacharya, one of the fathers of yoga, actually was the first person to teach a woman yoga.  The first woman, Indra Devi, is known as the Mother of Western yoga. She brought yoga to Hollywood–she even showed Marilyn Monroe yoga–and that was the beginning of the trend.

Now, yoga continues to grow, and it makes sense. There is so much to explore physically, mentally, textually.

Besides yoga, what else do you do to invite wellness into your life?

I’m personally vegan, but I’m not one to press my diet onto anyone.  I’d only recommend eating more plant-based foods. Also, I like to stay active. I ride my bike as my main mode of transportation (when the weather permits it).

Interested in signing up for Aveda IBW’s Yoga Teacher Certification program?  Click here for more details. 



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