Living the Aveda Mission

Living the Aveda Mission

It’s easy to live the Aveda Mission at The Institute. Between our friendly co-workers and classmates living it right next to us and our desire to pass it along to our guests, working to respect and appreciate ourselves, others, and the environment with everything we do comes naturally. But it’s once we leave these four walls of The Institute that it gets a little tougher, so how do we keep it up?

Respect yourself by allowing yourself a moment of inner and outer peace and relaxation. After a long day at work or school, take five minutes in a quiet space to breathe deeply and clear your head of the stress from the day. If you have the time, take an hour to do something you enjoy, like baking, watching a movie, or reading. Everyone needs a break to recharge, no matter how short.

Respect others by reaching out to a friend and asking them how they’re doing. A simple “what’s up?” can be super heartwarming to receive and it’s nice to know someone genuinely wants to know how you’re doing. This will strengthen a relationship and demonstrates a high level of respect for someone’s emotions and well-being.

Respect the environment by making small, simple environmentally-friendly choices. Recycle rather than throwing away, turn off the lights leaving a room, watch your water use carefully, and use products that are naturally-derived and use recycled materials to make their containers (like Aveda oh-so-conveniently does).

The Aveda Mission is very livable and versatile for each and every lifestyle, and the most basic changes can make a world of difference. If everyone lives with the Aveda Mission, we can make a difference in the world.

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