Student Instagram Takeover – Natalia

Student Instagram Takeover – Natalia

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We let 3-day Cosmetology Student, Natalia, take over our Instagram for a day. Check out what a day in the life of an IBW Cosmetology student is like.

8:30am: Video


GOODMORNING! It’s Natalia and I’m taking over the page today! For those who don’t know, I’m in the 3-day October cosmetology class. I start out every morning with makeup! It’s something I’ve always had a passion for and take pride in. I’ll be posting all day so stay tuned!  #AvedaIBW #Makeup #MorningRituals #IBWStudentTakeover

9:15 am

natalia 1

35 minute drive to school…. I hope everyone drove safe! 💦☔️#AvedaIBW #IBWStudentTakeover

11:00 am

natalia 2

Home room with my favs! Now we know how to use the monitoring station 👏🏼🖥 #IBWStudentTakeover #Homeroom#AvedaIBW

12:30 pm

natalia 3

When you pass your Anatomy quiz! 👍🏼👍🏼🅰 #AvedaIBW #IBWStudentTakeover


natalia 4

The lunch of champions 🏆#LeanCuisine #CollegeDiet #AvedaIBW #IBWStudentTakeover


natalia 5

Relaxer race! 🏁 Practice make perfect! 💁🏻💖 #IBWStudentTakeover#AvedaIBW #MannequinWerk


natalia 6

Blow dry workshop because there’s always room for improvement! I used Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener and a round brush to get her nice and smooth 👸🏾 #AvedaIBW#IBWStudentTakeover #Blowdry


natalia 7

Thank you Susan for another awesome student assembly! Bride season is here! 👰🏻🌷🌸💐 #IBWStudentTakeover#AvedaIBW


natalia 8

Me and my GORGEOUS guest! She’s so amazing and her personality matches her looks! I gave her a cut and straight bangs. I love making people feel beautiful 💕💇🏻🌸 #IBWStudentTakeover #AvedaIBW #Cosmetology #LoveWhatYouDo


natalia 9

It was so much fun taking over IBWs Instagram for the day! I hope everyone had an amazing day and has an even better tomorrow. Thank you IBW team for giving me this opportunity! Who’s next?! Sweet dreams! Natalia is out! 🌙💤💋#IBWStudentTakeover #AvedaIBW

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