Global Educator Ivan Zoot

Global Educator Ivan Zoot

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On February 4, 2016, IBW welcomed three-time Guinness Book of World Records breaker and self-named ClipperGuy, Ivan Zoot.


Ivan is a barber and educator from Northern Chicago where he tours salons and institutes giving high-energy presentations about technical cutting, professional selling skills and innovative marketing for salon success. When he’s not touring he does have behind-the-chair time at a local salon.

Ivan’s true passion is education and training today’s professionals about the fastest growing market, barbering.

“Our industry is getting more specialized every day.  Men’s haircutting is the number one fastest growth sector of the service side of the salon hair market.”


Ivan has been sharing his unique blend of information, education and enthusiasm for clipper cutting and men’s grooming nearly 20 years. He worked for the Andis Company and developed his own tools and techniques for clipper cutting and men’s hair and has become the world’s number one authority in clipper cutting and in training clipper cutters to master clipper cutting skills.

“In my first salon job, I was apprenticed to a stylist who was a master with short hair, guys and clippers. The short hair bug and the clipper cutting bug bit me hard.”

One of Ivan’s main focuses during his educational sessions is clipper tapering.

“Proper clipper tapering is one of the primary skills of clipper cutting and men’s haircutting to be mastered for success in today’s salon marketplace. Tapering can present a challenge for an experienced haircutter, a seasoned instructor and a new student.”

Ivan’s claim-to-fame is that he has broken three of the Guinness Book of World Records haircutting records.


Ivan set new records for single fastest haircut – a layered bob he performed in 55 seconds, the most professional haircuts in one hour – 34, and the most haircuts in 24 hours – 340. The previous records were set at 1:11 for fastest haircut, 23 for most haircuts in one hour, and 300 for most haircuts in 24 hours.

After shattering these records, Ivan said, “I’m never doing another haircut with someone timing me.

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