Field Trip To The Cadaver Lab

Field Trip To The Cadaver Lab

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For years, our massage students have had the opportunity during their program to tour the Cadaver Lab at Concordia University in Mequon, WI. The purpose of the trip is for our massage students to be able to see the muscles of the human body first hand and increase their knowledge for their massage practice. cadaver lab

Read what our students had to say about their experience:

Massage Student, Rebecca: This week my class had the opportunity to visit the Cadaver Lab at Concordia University. It was a very interesting experience and one that will not be easily forgotten. It was incredible to be able to further my massage therapy knowledge and education using a real human body. I loved being able to see and even feel the muscles in such an intimate way. I am very fortunate to have had this experience am thankful for the opportunity.

Massage Student, Genelle: The cadaver lab was quite interesting. It was a little emotional, but very informative. I held a human heart – that was pretty neat. I was surprised at how thin the muscles actually are. I definitely got a better perspective on each muscle, where they are located, and how to apply the best massage techniques to every client.

Massage Student, Jake: The lab at Concordia University was very interesting and informative. Being able to review basically all the muscles we need to know, but with the element of physically and literally seeing and feeling the anatomy was very beneficial. Kathy was very knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had. I was surprised how thin some of the muscles appeared, such as the latissimus dorsi. The IT Band was very cool to see. Fascia and tendons almost look like strong/thick tape. I also thought the nervous system would be much thinner than it is, especially in areas like the brachial plexus and the sciatic nerve. I am grateful that I got to witness something that only medical specialists get to experience!