Experience Ayurveda

Experience Ayurveda

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Ayurveda student Miranda shared the importance of an Ayurvedic lifestyle and an introduction into some of our Ayurvedic Body Services.

January rolls around and everyone is going to the gym, buying healthy foods, and swearing off fast food; trying their hardest to stick to the ‘new year’s resolutions’ they made. Do you ever wonder why it seems so hard to stick to the resolution you made when it’s bitter cold outside? Well I may just have an answer for you, balance. The ancient Indian science of Ayurveda says that in order to live a long, healthy life your body has to be in balance. Think about the weather outside during winter months, it is cold, dry and the wind can be rough; in order to achieve balance during this time you want to think about keeping your body warm, moist and oily. Some simple examples of this are keeping yourself bundled up with hats, mittens and scarves, eating mostly warm, cooked foods for meals and using warm sesame oil to moisturize your body before going to bed at night.

Ayurveda encompasses a whole system of well-being from, daily routines and herbal remedies to whole body cleanses and deeply relaxing body therapies. A wide array of services are offered at IBW from our trained Ayurveda Esthetic students. Some of the body therapies available include 2-handed or 4-handed Abhyanga,  Shirodhara, 5 Sense Therapy and a heart chakra basti.

The Abhyanga is a warm oil massage using streams of sesame oil to open up all the channels of your body and allow for deep relaxation. A shirodhara is always a great add-on to an abhyanga; a stream of warm oil is poured over your third eye in the middle of your forehead and allowed to run through your hair. This relaxing treatment calms the mind and allows you to go to places of even deeper relaxation, and if you’re apprehensive about getting oil in your hair that’s okay, just book a hair wash after the service or bring a hat to cover up!


One of the best ayurvedic therapies to have in the colder months is the 5-sense therapy. All 5 of your senses are cleansed using a variety of oils and techniques. The therapy starts with a face, neck and shoulder massage and then uses a eucalyptus steam and herbalized oil to cleanse the nose. Next, ghee, a clarified butter, is used to cleanse and lubricate the eyes. Over time and multiple treatments ghee can help improve vision and allow for less strain on our precious eyes. Lastly, warm clove oil is poured into the ear canals and an abhyanga is performed while you relax in peace and quiet on the massage table. 5-sense therapy gives so many benefits to our bodies in this time of year when colds, and other sicknesses are circulating through schools and workplaces; giving an almost instant boost to our immune systems by protecting our senses.


The final treatment IBW offers is called a heart chakra basti. We have 7 chakras, or energy centers, that fall down the middle of our bodies and one that endures the most stress, and emotional changes is the chakra that lies on our heart. One of the ways we can clear our heart chakra is with a pool of lukewarm oil. When placed over the heart the warm oil acts like a blanket, keeping our heart warm and protected. Gently massaging the chest area, while the oil is there, will allow you to relax and let go of the stress you may be holding in your heart. The heart chakra basti is a fantastic add-on to any of the ayurvedic services the students offer!

During these cold and dreary winter months everyone should take the time out to care for themselves, especially right after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season! Book your services with one of our fantastic Ayurveda students today!

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