Education With Sal Misseri

Education With Sal Misseri

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Sal Misseri had fantastic input on how to use social media in a smart way to grow your business. I love that Sal essentially gets his guests to do some of the work for him. By creating your own hashtag and encouraging your guests to take selfies which you know they are already going to do and posting them with your hashtag it is instant advertising housed under one hashtag. Sal was very engaging and easy to follow through his presentation and techniques.

I am definitely excited to incorporate Sal’s dry cutting techniques when out on the clinic floor. I love the different sectioning that he used to create the overall shape or design he was trying to achieve. Next time a student or myself are looking to connect a fringe to the perimeter of a hair cut I am going to think twice before sliding down through it to make sure it is going to give the desired end result wanted. So happy to see such a young inspiring artist willing to share their knowledge. Thank you Sal Misseri!!!

Cosmetology Instructor, Claire

I had the opportunity to attend a cutting class by Sal Misseri. As an instructor, his opening words were music to my ears. He discussed the importance of taking control of your own success and the direction of your career. One of the things that I hear often is “I’ll start doing that after school, it will be different”. We try so hard to teach our students that they are creating their habits and work motto while in school. Sal spoke about his success as a student and how much it helped him after graduation and I know that message was a wake up call to a few my students who are within weeks of graduation.

Sal also had many user friendly techniques for cutting dry hair. When the hair is dry it is much easier to see the shape and to identify what needs to be cut and this can be very helpful when training the eye. I know the students have already brought what they learned to the clinic floor with their guests.

Cosmetology Instructor, Gina

Getting to watch Sal Misseri work this week was very inspirational. The dry cutting and texturizing techniques will be very beneficial for the students as the apply them of the clinic floor, also his attention to detail was awesome for the students to see. It is so important to really look at our work after you cut that basic shape in wet. “It’s not about the hair that you take off but the hair that you leave on the head.”

His discussion about Expectation vs. Reality was very beneficial for our students to hear. Reminding them that being in this industry is a lot of work and you take charge of your own career, go out there and take classes, be inspired by others “Find someone who you want to be like, and put your self in front of them.” Hard work and dedication will get you to where you want to be.

Cosmetology Instructor, Chrysta


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