Education Fund

Education Fund

The Revolutionary “Education Fund” Concept

The Institute has a unique system for future professionals with an Education Fund that replaces the typical tipping system one experiences within a salon or spa. Each guest, rather than tipping, has the opportunity to leave money towards the school’s education fund. This fund allows the school to bring in guest educators from all over the country and the world. But you may be wondering how does it work, and why is it such an incredible system?

After a guest has a service done at The Institute, the Aveda Advisors offer them the opportunity for them to leave money towards the Education Fund. The top 10 contributors to the fund (timeframe varies) have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the guest educators that are brought in for classes.

We bring in the experts in the beauty industry to teach our students both the classic and trend-forward hair and skin techniques. From Aveda Global Educators to world-renowned stylists, we provide an amazingly well-rounded education for our students.

More importantly, by contributing to the Education Fund, each graduate from The Institute has the opportunity to attend classes at IBW or AIM for the rest of their life for free!

This is a revolutionary and extraordinary idea that is changing our students’ educations and lives for only the best. Our students love working with these educators and our guests love the services that they can receive from our well-rounded students.

Below is a slideshow below showcasing a few highlights from our Guest Educators so far this year.