The Difference 50 Hours Can Make

The Difference 50 Hours Can Make

50 hours may or may not seem like a significant amount of time. The state of Wisconsin recently lowered it’s licensing hour requirements for Cosmetology from 1800 clock hours, to 1550 hours starting in the year 2016. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, our Cosmetology program will run for 1600 hours. Why? Guest Education. Here is why guest education makes a difference to us and current students/graduates of the institute.


hair stylist, business owner, fashion week show leader, and educator, Jon Reyman

It Will Give You a Stronger Understanding of the Business

We bring in guest educators from a wide array of topics. These topics ranging from business subjects such as bench marking and hospitality to global educators that are experts in their field such as Mary Brunetti, Ted Gibson, Vivienne Mackinder, Nicholas French, Jon Reyman, Ian Michael Black and many, MANY more that share their knowledge from tons of years of experience behind the chair and educating globally… There is never a shortage of activity.

You Will Make Global Industry Connections

Artists come nationally, as well as internationally, to guest educate at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Click here to read about how an Aveda Institute Madison graduate landed a job in NYC from a connection she made with a guest educator.

You Are Entering in to a Lifelong Benefit

Students at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness are entered into a lifelong educational benefit with our education fund. Upon graduation, you are welcome to come back to any education we host at no cost for the rest of  your life. Does it get much better than that? #LearningNeverEnds

janell 4 ibw

Aveda Global Artistic Director, Makeup, Janell Geason