Day-Old Hair Tips and Tricks

Day-Old Hair Tips and Tricks

We’ve all done it–a few days, even a long week without breaking out the shampoo and washing our mane. So we gathered our favorite tried-and-true dirty hairstyles that you’ll want to have in your back pocket all year long.

Key ingredient: Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo 

1. French Braid: Minimize the grease factor by plaiting your hair into French Braid. Make it thick, loose and messy to hide unwashed locks instantly.

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2. Tousled Ponytail: If you’ve got long hair, ponytails should be at the top of your go-to ‘dirty’ hairstyle list. Glam it up with some volume at the roots, which will work wonders on greasy hair and ensure you get those extra ten minutes of shut-eye.

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3. High bun: What’s more perfect for days when your hair is looking a little unruly than a cool-but-messy top knot? Tease your strands, dowse in Shampure Dry Shampoo and secure your strands at the top of your crown. No one will ever guess you’ve nixed the shampoo.


4. Bedhead: Going for a tousled, beauty hair look is great for channeling that whole ‘yes, my hair is this messy on purpose’ effect. Work a dollop of Aveda Men’s Grooming Clay through your mane, scrunch with your fingers and add a touch of dry shampoo to absorb the oil in your roots. Total rockstar-worthy.


5. Messy Chignon: A quick and easy dirty hair option is a low, knotted bun, teased and tweaked for a flyaway effect. It’s fine for your hair to be unwashed with this look because the texture helps it to hold. Finish with Aveda Air Control. 

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6. Slick Back: Dames with short tresses can keep unwashed hair undercover with this ultra easy look. Throw your hair back, spray with Aveda Control Force Hairspray if your strands are thicker and smooth your hands over your handiwork to create a sleek effect. Fierce.

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7. Milkmaid Braids: Cover oil with a few classic milkmaid braids. Criss-cross the plaits at the crown of your head and secure with some bobby pins. How easy was that?

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Article adapted from Drop Dead Gorgeous.