Join the Institute of Beauty and Wellness during our Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show to further support After Breast Cancer Diagnosis’s mission.

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness supports the fight against Breast Cancer every October through fundraising and promoting awareness. This year, we have partnered with ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis) who provides free, personalized resources through one-to-one support for those impacted by breast cancer.

In 1999, a group of women – led by Melodie Wilson Oldenburg – founded ABCD to support those who have experienced the news that changed their life forever. Their founders, who were mostly breast cancer survivors, shared that the most valuable information and support came from their peers. From that, their mission was to provide support to patients on a more emotional level.

ABCD understands that cancer not only impacts the patient, but their family and friends, too. Their mentor program contains trained mentors who have gone through the diagnosis journey– including treatment and recovery– to provide motivation, support, and encouragement to patients who are currently impacted. Anyone who is in need of support is encouraged to reach out to ABCD.

Become a part of the change by supporting all the breast cancer warriors and survivors in our community!

Ways To Donate

Spin To Win

In our retail store, where you check out, we have a spin the wheel option that houses some great prizes. For just a $5 donation, you can spin the wheel for the chance to win. Every $5 donation is eligible for 1 spin. 100% of donations will be given to ABCD.


You can choose to round up on all of your purchases during the month of October. Any dollar amount is appreciated and 100% of donations will be given to ABCD for their efforts.

Penny Wars

During the month of October, our students and instructors participate in a friendly competition on who can fundraise the most for ABCD. Here, at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we call it “Penny Wars.” Each competitor has an empty jar that is labeled with their team–Jar 1 for Students, and Jar 2 for Instructors. Whoever has the most money in their jar at the end of the month, wins. It is called Penny Wars, however any form of tangible currency is acceptable. The labeled jars are moved throughout the school for people who are interested in supporting the cause and their favorite team! Keep an eye out on your next visit if you are interested in taking part in this competition for a cause!

Move Through Beauty

Tuesday, October 26th

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Experience the artistic journey from students currently enrolled at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness by Moving Through Beauty. In an effort to support and fundraise for ABCD (After Breast Cancer Diagnosis), we are hosting our Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show for another year. During this event, we will be displaying the artistic work of our students including makeup, hair, and nails as well as sharing more about ABCD and their mission and announcing our raffle winners. 

Move Through Beauty Benefit Virtual Beauty Show - Oct. 26 @ 7 p.m.