The Institute of Beauty and Wellness has officially landed at New York Fashion Week and we could not be more excited! We will be bringing you the top trending fashion, makeup, and accessory looks straight from New York City. Aveda is very near and dear to our heart here at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, and plays a key part in our curriculum. They did not disappoint during their fashion show and we are so excited to share the details with you. Coming to you live from New York—the top trending Aveda makeup looks for fall.

Bold, Bolder, Boldest Lashes:

Once you go bold, you never go back. Bold lashes are essential both on and off the runway. Now is the perfect time to get those much-wanted eyelash extensions you have been thinking about! On the runways we are seeing lots of length. There is no such thing as too long, so get comfortable with bold looks.

At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness we offer eyelash extension education as a part of our Esthiology program, or for those looking to polish up their extension skills—check out our Eyelash Extension training. Using the knowledge from these programs, you will be able to provide a great add-on service for your future clients that inspire showstopping looks. If you are looking to experiment, now is the perfect opportunity to practice during your model sessions!

As far as shaped lashes– we are noticing a lot of cat eye and wispy lashes. The benefit of cat eye lashes, is the “snatched” effect it has on your eyes. Cat eye sets are compatible with any eye shape, but is especially beneficial for those with hooded, round, deep-set, or monolid eyes.

For those of you looking to make a dramatic appearance, we have the looks for you! Colored lashes, white eyeliner, and embellishment lashes are a great look to ensure you stand out both in and out of the classroom. Remember, even though our dress code is black, you can still stand out using creative makeup, accessory, and hair looks!

Keep it Fresh, Keep it Dewy:

The dewy look is on full trend and makes no plans to slow down. It is everywhere on the runway and is the perfect go-to look to leave you with that natural appearance with an added glow. How do you get the dewy makeup look? Great question! Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

Inner light mineral tinted moisturizer: At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you will be working directly with Aveda products, including their makeup line. This Aveda mineral tinted moisturizer is perfect for covering up blemishes while simultaneously keeping your natural look intact. Not only does it provide a gorgeous finish, but it is completely natural and made of mineral derived colors to give you a smooth and even complexion. Everyone should have a reliable tinted moisturizer in their makeup bag!

If you are looking to complete a “full-face” using a dewy inspired look, don’t be afraid to layer! Cream-based concealers, blushes, and highlighters are sure to give you an all-natural and blemish-free dewy look easily. Fun fact about makeup? You can make it look natural even if it’s not!

During your time in our cosmetology and esthiology program, you will get great foundational experience working with makeup application. You will be able to use your learned techniques on trending styles like the dewy finish!

They’re So Fluffy Brows:

Brow laminations (otherwise known as soap brows) are going to be a highly-desired service in the coming weeks. The natural, fluffy brows are everywhere and we are not mad about it! Staying on the natural look that was inspired by our dewy makeup application–keeping your brows natural would only be fitting.

At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness we have the perfect makeup hack to give your brows the laminated look.

Brow Definer: The Aveda Brow Definer is perfect for getting natural hair-like strokes for added volume. For those with lighter hair growth or seeking more volume, using gentle brushing techniques using the Aveda Brow Definer will provide you with natural, full-looking brows every time.

After you fill in your brows, use a clear or tinted (your preference) brow gel and lightly brush out your brows to get a fluffy and laminated look. This hack can be used if you have a brow lamination too! Make sure to share this hack with your clients, or surprise them during their next makeup service with you.

Back to the 90’s:

Nude eyes and poppin’ gloss are making a comeback! The shine keeps coming and coming. The eye looks are surrounded with neutrals. This includes your pinks, nudes, browns, and even oranges. The 90’s eye looks are all around the smokey look with bold eyeliner. Since your lashes are going to be center of attention, it is only fitting that you have a bold eyeliner to go with it.

You can use a winged eyeliner, eyeshadow palette, or pencil to get this look. The 90’s eyeshadow look is actually super easy to recreate because it only consists of 1-2 palette colors and not a lot of blending. The purpose is to add a little bit of shimmer without creating a dramatic look. The focus should be on your liner and lashes, no doubt.

“They say my lip-gloss is cool, my lip-gloss is poppin’!” The high-gloss finish is everywhere in New York and we are absolutely loving it. There is a mixture of tinted and clear looks, so it is completely up to your creativity to inspire showstopping looks both in and out of the salon. Keep it original, keep it cute, keep it trendy!

Ombre All-Day:

If you are looking for a trendy matte or gloss lip finish, be prepared to experiment! The ombre lip look is trending and taking the beauty industry by storm. How does it work? It can be done a few different ways. As we know, an ombre is a graduation of color. Many ombre lip looks in New York showoff a darker lip with a light tint right at the center of the mouth. Others have a dark statement lip liner with a light pigmented lip color as a fill in color. Regardless, there is no better time to innovate looks than right now!

Lip Saver: The Aveda Lip saver–is quite literally a lip saver! During our backstage experience we got an insider’s hack to creating the perfect ombre look. After you apply your lipstick shade of choice, go in with your Aveda Lip saver and smudge out the area that you want to be lighter. Not only does it naturally hydrate your lip as a balm, but it calms the pigmentation of your lipstick or liner without the need to heavily layer your lips.

Start #Trending:

At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we provide our students with exclusive access to the latest trends while promoting a fashion-forward environment. As a student here at the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, we will provide you with exclusive knowledge and training needed to keep you top trending in the beauty industry.

We are so excited to be able to provide you with exclusive insights from New York Fashion Week that you can start implementing here in Wisconsin. If you are interested in being a part of a fashion-forward, and trendy beauty school, start your career today!

Here, you will learn what it takes to be a successful professional in this industry through being surrounded by like-minded students and instructors who are here to support you on your next journey. Stay tuned for more NYFW looks, and we look forward to seeing you on campus!

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