Throughout New York Fashion Week, we were able to get a behind-the-scenes look at the many factors needed to have a successful fashion show week. We realized just how many different people, positions, and strengths are needed to have operations running smoothly. Some may be obvious such as hair designers, fashion designers, and makeup artists—but there are many that play a key role in success that many people overlook.

At the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and Madison we center our education strategies around providing our students with unique opportunities that will help them succeed. As a student at an Aveda Institute, you will gain access to unique networking channels that will help take your career in some unpredictable directions.

Your Backstage Pass:

During our Aveda backstage interview, we spoke with some amazing Aveda team members who shared an inside look with us into their role, personal journey with Aveda, and some of the exclusive Aveda opportunities out there. If runway or prepping behind the scenes looks for the beauty industry is something that interests you—then you are in luck. It is not as difficult as you may think. Below are some Aveda team members who share more about the Aveda network.

Brenda (Field Education Teams Specialist) — “My role during Fashion week is to make sure that the models are prepped with hair and makeup. We make sure that everyone is checked by the leads and the rest of the team. This is my 5th New York Fashion Show with Aveda and I have been a part of the Aveda team for over 18 years.”

“I started with Aveda as a sales admin and I did that for about 5 years. From there I moved into a sales and education role as an SDP (Salon and Spa Development Partner) and three years ago I transitioned into my current role.”

Lauren Turner

Lauren Turner (Aveda North American Artistic Team) — “I have been with Aveda for over three years and this is my first New York Fashion Show. I auditioned to be a part of this team about a year ago, and have been doing this ever since.” Instagram: @cherrichapstick

Alli Schreiber (Aveda North American Artistic Team Makeup Educator) — “I have been doing New York Fashion Week for about 7 seasons now. I have been working shows, backstage, runway, hair shows and more. I got here on a long journey. I started as a makeup artist in the salon, worked as an Aveda freelance artist, assisted during in-salon events as a guest makeup artist, then I evolved into a makeup purefessional. Two years ago, I officially joined the Aveda North American Artistic Team.”

“Throughout my journey I actually came out to the Advanced Academy here in New York Soho to take the Runway Makeup Course which was for my first New York Fashion Week. From there I started coming back season after season. Currently the Aveda Makeup course is not offered due to COVID-19, but keep an eye out! If this is something you would want to do, this would be your direct path on getting involved.” Instagram: @allischreiberpro

Alli Schreiber
Janell Geason

Janell Geason (Aveda Global Artistic Director of Makeup) — “I have been with Aveda since the beginning of time. I have been in my current role for about 12 years. I was a professional before, I worked in a salon, and have been in the Aveda network for a very long time.”

“My favorite part about the Aveda network is the people. We have a connection to people who are connected to something bigger than themselves. Our mission and what we stand for. I think that attracts a different type of person and artist. For me, it is all about the connections you have to other people, your brand, and what that stands for.”

“My advice for aspiring Aveda Artists is to remember that success does not come overnight. You are going to have to work hard, show up, and be the best person you can be. Don’t take your criticisms to heart, but don’t let your successes go to your head.” Instagram: @jgeason

Janell Geason is a makeup powerhouse. She has really redefined the traditional path of beauty within the industry. Janell went to school at Horst Cosmetology School and immediately began her career as a hairdresser upon graduation. Her passion for the beauty industry led her to studying international fashion in Europe for 9 years where she was able to expand on her interest in makeup. Her journey led her to becoming a celebrity makeup artist, 2-time North American Makeup Artist of the Year winner, and Aveda’s Global Artistic Director of Makeup. Her looks are featured in ELLE, Redbook, and Women’s Health publications and is now the lead makeup artist for New York Fashion Week.

“It is a lifespan that you want to be known for, not just a moment” –Janell Geason

As an Aveda Institute, we are committed to providing the same type of opportunities for our students. Opportunities, as we know, can come from anywhere—but connections help. Your instructors are all established within the field. The artists that we spoke to backstage, all work for their own practice or at a salon. The Aveda connections run very deep and far within the global industry.

One of the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and Madison’s alumni also worked with us at New York Fashion Week. Recent graduate, Emily, was asked to do the nail designs for Milwaukee designer Elena Velez. A typical workday turned into a life-changing experience and a future connection.

The number of opportunities you can have with the Aveda Institute is completely unique to the Aveda network. There are many options out there for beauty schools, but our focus is helping you succeed within the industry. How do we do it? Connections and professionalism. We not only teach you theory and practical, but we teach you how to network, become professionals, market yourself, and how to build and maintain genuine connections. Many salons already know that when they see “Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and Madison” on a resume–they can expect a high standard artist.

Start building your Aveda connections today. Apply now to see where the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and Madison will take you on your next journey.