Mattify Your Skin For Summer With Aveda

Mattify Your Skin For Summer With Aveda

Blog written by Part-Time Esthiology student, Iris. You can schedule an appointment with her at the Institute until August 21st on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Have you noticed your usual skin care routine becomes less effective as the seasons change? While the gentle glow of a dewy complexion is not a crime, a sweaty face full of excess oil is undesirable. Below are a few Aveda must-haves that comprise a basic skin care regimen for these hot summer days.


Suds may seem like your best bet when removing excess oils, but in reality, it is best to gently cleanse the skin in order to maintain its natural pH balance. Botanical Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser is a plant-derived gel cleanser that helps achieve this by gently foaming away oil and impurities from normal to oily skin.



Always follow your cleanser with a toner to close pores and balance sebum production. Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist is a cooling, refreshing mist for normal-to-oily skin types which balances and minimizes surface oil build-up with mildly astringent ingredients like witch hazel, white oak and peppermint. Pro-tip: if your foundation seems too powdery, gently spray Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist to freshen up your look.




Great used alone or under makeup as a primer; hydrate and instantly mattify your skin with another summer must have: Botanical Kinetics Oil Control Lotion. This product reduces the appearance of pores over time for normal to oily skin types and applying a little goes a long way. Keep your skin from looking overly shiny by substituting this lotion as your third step and daily moisturizer.



What about treatment masques? Suitable for normal-to-oily skin, oily skin, and gentle enough to be used more than once a week is the Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Masque. This cool, aromatic clay masque is made from English kaolin clay and bentonite clay which absorbs excess oils and draws impurities from the skin, leaving it clarified, conditioned and refined. Come in for a facial service to have treatments and masques customized according to your skin type and condition!



Treatments Offered at Our Student Clinic Spa
When you come in for services, we recommend the desincrustation treatment followed by iontophoresis for oily and congested skin types. This form of electrotherapy uses galvanic current in the negative polarity to soften tissues, increase circulation and expand pores for easier extractions. The iontophoresis treatment later uses galvanic current in the positive polarity to firm the skin and bring its pH back to normal while incorporating a soothing masque.”