‘Tis the season for giving! At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, an Aveda Institute, we are beyond ready for the holiday season. There are so many ways to show your spirit for the holiday season, including small little gifts to friends and loved ones to show appreciation. This year, the trend is all about giving from the heart. More and more people are choosing not to go crazy on the presents, but instead give small gifts to show that they care—including hand-made presents, quality time, and acts of love.

As a service provider, this is easy for you! Gift your friends and family members a massage, haircut, manicure, or facial from yourself to help them feel relaxed, balanced, and refreshed going into the new year. There are so many ways to provide care and a moment of wellness to your loved ones that will leave just as much of an impact as presents. Of course, we all enjoy opening up gifts during the holidays—which is why we have provided you with a list of super easy and small gifts to give in addition to your acts of service and other gift types!

Stocking Stuffer Must-Haves:

Regardless of what kind of gifts you are planning to get your friends and fam this holiday season, stocking stuffers are always a great way to add a little extra boost. Whether you celebrate St. Nick, or like to hang stockings around the holiday season–it’s a great way to throw in a little extra something into the mix. There are many ways to add to your presents or spice up your gift ideas using small gifts like stocking stuffers.

Aveda came out with some adorable gifts that are perfect for a little extra something. Especially if you are giving the gift of a service this year, what better add-on than a product or accessory? Regardless if you are gifting a facial, hair service, massage, or manicure—we have something for you!

This year, Aveda teamed up with Phillip Lim to collaborate on this year’s gift sets. Not only is the color and packaging super cute, but you can now gift more for less by gifting a giftset with multiple items in size. Depending on what you want to give your friends and fam, there is definitely a present for you!

Aveda x Phillip Lim Scrunchies Gift Set:

Scrunchies are such an under-appreciated hair accessory. We use them all the time to throw our hair up in a messy bun, to keep the hair out of our face during skincare and makeup, as well as a cute addition to our outfits. The Aveda x Phillip Lim Scrunchie Gift Set is not only super stylish with super vibrant colors—but it is also functional for just about anyone to use! They have a super nice grip—so they won’t fall out of your hair—and work as a great pop of color to any look!

Rose Quartz Facial Roller:

This is a skincare must have! This facial roller is a great way to reduce inflammation in your face and helps to work in moisturizer, oils, and serums into your face. This Rose Quartz Facial Roller is the perfect stocking stuffer gift for those who might need a facial or looking to elevate their skincare regimen. It is super small and will work absolute wonders on the face and skin!

Hand and Foot Relief Travels:

This is arguably our top selling lotion product! Not only does our hand relief and foot relief lotions smell amazing, but they are also extremely nourishing on the skin. We have had many clients say that they buy these products as stocking stuffers for their loved ones because they love it so much. Especially in the cooler months, skin hydration is key. These travel sizes are the perfect compact size to take with you on the go that is sure to leave a lasting impact on the gift receiver and their skin!

Zoya Nail Polish 4-Pack:

Nail polish is always a great gift that can be incredibly useful for friends and family members. Especially if you are a manicuring student who is gifting a service of some kind, this is a great little add on for you to give your loved ones. They come in three different color packs. They have a red series, neutral series, and a vibrant series, The color ways are absolutely gorgeous and Zoya is known for having a great pigment and long-lasting nail color. This giftset is super affordable and will give your loved one some variety to switch between colors depending on the season and mood!

Chakra Balancing Mist:

The Chakra Balancing collection from Aveda is the ultimate wellness gift. If you are looking to gift deep relaxation, stress relief, and a moment of wellness to your loved ones—then this is definitely the gift to go with! The Chakra Balancing collection comes in 7 different scents—one for each chakra. Each aroma is meant to open up that specific chakra and provide a specific moment of wellness depending on the chakra. The aroma is different for each chakra mist, so it is best that you choose whichever one you think would be best for your loved one—or one that you like the most!

Stocking stuffers serve as the perfect add-on for gifts, especially if it is an act of service or something that cannot be easily wrapped in tissue paper. Regardless of if you choose to go with one of these gifts or another Aveda gift, it is the perfect time to personalize their gifts together in the form of wellness and deep relaxation. Stop into our retail space to check out our newest holiday collection for you and your loved ones! 

Get the holidays started with the gift of love! Enjoy going back to the basics through really personalizing this year’s presents with a memory that is going to last! Tag us in your holiday plans and gifts for a chance to be featured on our social media!