Botanical Kinetics Serums: Your Skincare Routine Must-Have

At the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness we pride ourselves on using only Aveda products. Ranging from haircare to skincare, we emphasize the importance of using all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products for ourselves and our clients. Our body reacts best to the elements of nature that we are naturally composed of, so using any other ingredients on our body would be counter-productive. That being said, Aveda just launched their new line of serums to their Botanical Kinetics Collection. These serums are the first serums launched by the Botanical Kinetics collection, and we are so excited to finally share it with you!

About the Serums

The three new serums  added to the Botanical Kinetics collection are the Instant Hydrator, Instant Luminizer, and the Pore Refiner. Overall, all three serums will offer you visibly and clinically proven results staring from just the first use. These serums were designed as a targeted skin solution product by keeping all of the different skin variations in mind. The Botanical Kinetics collection is known to use only the best plant-derived ingredients in their products while remaining completely natural, vegan and cruelty-free. The serums are no exception, using plant-derived acids and over 10,000 different plant stem cells in every bottle, your skin will get that healthy rejuvenation it has been craving.  

There are a lot of serums on the market that are promising you fast and immediate results. However, many of them are primarily chemical-based with minor inclusions of plant-derived ingredients. In order to familiarize yourself with Botanical Kinetics or the serums, first you need to know Aveda. Aveda has never made a serum or a product like this before. For these serums to be as fast-acting and nourishing as they are without the use of any chemicals; it took a lot of hard work and science involved to create the results, they did. Competing serums and retailers have had products like this on the market for a while, but not one can say it is 100% plant-based.  

We wanted to emphasize the importance of this amazing product because it is not only revolutionary for Aveda to have finally launched this kind of product, but it is exciting for you as well as a future user! If it is one-of-a-kind in this industry, that means you get exclusive access to it as a customer and student! 

Intense Hydrator Serum

To start us off, the Intense Hydrator Serum focuses strictly on restoring your skin’s optimal moisture levels. Whether that means to help aid in getting your skin back in balance, or working to maintain your skin’s balance, the intense hydrator serum will work directly to rehydrate. By restoring your hydration consistently, your body will work on minimizing the appearance of dry, fine lines while strengthening your protective lipid barrier over time.  

This intense hydrating serum is derived from cactus fruit step cells to not only provide you necessary hydration but also retain it as well. Additionally, this serum offers the plant-derived hyaluronic acid which naturally pulls in moisture to plump your cells which will reduce fine lines.  

Those who have tried this Intense Hydrator serum notice results right away. As a demonstration, we had our students and team try the product first on their hands, in doing that, everyone claimed to have seen and felt an instant result.  

Commonly used by those experiencing dry or combination skin conditions, it is recommended that you use a drop before moisturizing in the morning and in the evening. Our skin goes through a lot during the course of a day, so using the serum will work as a protecting agent as well as a rehydration administrator to ensure your hydration levels are balanced at all times.  

Instant Luminizer Serum

Using Snow Lotus plant stem cells, the Instant Luminizer Serum works directly with the complexion of your skin to instantly brighten and balance your skin which will help to work out any uneven skin tones. The plant-derived ingredient, alpha hydroxy works on exfoliating dry and dead skin cells resting on the surface to unveil your smooth and brighter skin underneath.  

The instant luminizer serum will show minor results instantly; however, it is best used gradually and consistently. You will see the results with each use, but since this serum is considered to be a concentrate, it will take a bit longer to get to your desired result.  Similar to the instant hydrator, this serum is most effective twice a day, using a drop in the morning and evening before you moisturize. 

This product is recommended for individuals with hyper or hypopigmented skin. The focus on this serum is not only to brighten, but really focus on improving discoloration and redness. Especially in the summertime, sun spots can really affect the overall balance and appearance of the skin. The instant luminizer immediately gets to work on correcting those sun spots, acting as not only a protecting agent in the morning but also as a repair agent in the evening. For those of you that do not like to wear a lot of makeup, but struggle with discoloration, this serum is a perfect solution for you as well! 

Pore Refiner Serum

The Clover plant cells work in the Pore Refiner Serum to smooth out the outer layer of skin while reducing visible pores. Using beta hydroxy acid, this serum helps to clear dirt and dead skin cells that lay under the surface layer of your skin. In addition to helping to clarify your skin and clear extra oil and particles that reside inside your pores. After consistent use, the skin will naturally start to smoothen out while reducing pore size altogether.  

The pore refiner is our team’s favorite here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness because it really works to clear up acne blemishes while reducing the visibility of pores in the future. Our team uses this product right before they apply their makeup for a seamless finish, especially if they have a big event they are attending. This serum should also be applied twice a day for best results. If you are looking to apply with makeup then the serum can take the place of your primer, just be sure to moisturize immediately after the serum application. Similar to the other two serums, you should also apply before bed. 

The pore refiner serum is the most gradual-progression serum out of the three offered. Similar to the instant luminizer serum, there will be a noticeable difference after one use, but in order to get desired long-term results, you will need to use the product consistently. Since this product acts as an exfoliant, this product is best for those with oily or combination skin types as well as those that suffer from large pores or acne.  

Your Skin Care Routine

All of these serums are guaranteed to offer you instant individual results catered to your desired outcome. However, just like any other product out there, it is not a one-and-done type of product. These serums are designed to be used long-term and in combination with your other skincare regime. Since these serums are 100% natural it is important that the other cleansers and skin care treatments you are actively using are also completely natural as well. It can really traumatize your skin if you were to apply natural ingredients on top of chemically-derived products.  

In addition, make sure that you focus on one goal at a time. These products are completely safe for you and your skin, but they should not be paired together at one time. Meaning, it is advised that you avoid applying both the instant hydrator and the instant luminizer together as it will disturb the skin in multiple ways. If you want to prioritize your pores first, then use your pore refiner serum until you are at your desired result, and then consult with your esthetician about working on coloration or hydration next.  

Your skincare routine is crucial in determining which serum is best for you. Your esthetician will be able to observe your skin on a much deeper level to determine what will work best for you. You should always book a service with our students, or connect with an Aveda Advisor located at either one of our campuses.

For Our Students

During your Esthiology Program, you will be provided extensive knowledge about Aveda’s products and ingredients as well as the added benefits that they provide to various skin types. As an enrolling student, you will be working with these serums directly and observe their results first-hand. Our Aveda Advisors are trained in Aveda products and how each ingredient positively impacts the hair, skin, or nails. As a student, we will make sure that you have the same educational opportunities to be a knowledgeable professional in your field.  

We encourage you to reach out to our esthiology department if you have any questions on which serum or skincare routine is best for you. However, we recommend any of our students or guests to schedule a facial to get educated on your personal skin type. Not only will you learn your personalized skin type, you will also be recommended various products and services that will help you achieve your desired result. 

Let us know your thoughts or questions in the comments below! We would love to hear from you, and share any future content you would like to see.  

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