Aveda’s NEW Skin Care Line: Tulasara

Aveda’s NEW Skin Care Line: Tulasara

Finally some positive news to talk about! It involves the world of beauty and healthy solutions to all of your skin care needs.  . The innovators at Aveda have made balance and transformation tangible for us once again, taking the evolution of beauty to the next level with a simplified yet results driven approach. Aveda’s skin care domain is getting a facelift, a natural yet effective one of course.  Revolutionizing the beauty industry once again, this time Aveda is bridging together advanced skin care sciences with the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda with the launch of Tulasara.

 Tulasara means moving towards balance, a state that our body inherently attempts to achieve, whether we are aware of it or not.  The same goes for our skin. Our skin and body are equipped with a natural ability to restore its health and vitality.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors that challenge our body’s inherent wisdom, creating a not so ideal state for our to body to thrive.  Health issues resignate in area such as digestion, mental well being and circulatory issues which can further manifest into skin care conditions such as acne, dryness and dehydration and sensitized skin just to name a few.  Luckily our body is on our side and wants what is best for us. Our face is a map of our internal ecosystem acting as a mirror or a reflection of our state of health.  When we visibly see these imbalances on our skin, it is a sign that our body needs to heal.  It needs the opportunity to realign and restore itself back into its natural state.

 So how does this relate to Tulsara and Aveda’s transformative approach to skin care?  Aveda is taking the same concept of allowing the body to heal itself and applying it to Tulasara.  Using multiple products can confuse the skin, causing it to work against itself and interfere with its ability to repair itself.  Instead, using a few high performance products that work with the skin and maintain a healthy ph balance of the skin tissue provides a healing environment for our conditions to dissipate. 

 Tulasara brings with it 3 new concentrates; firm, bright and calm.  Each concentrate is 97% or higher naturally derived and each address universal skin concerns.  Firm visibly lifts and firms the skin and contains a powerful bio fermented peptide to promote the natural production of collagen.  Bright restores radiance to the skin and incorporates licorice root and molasses extract to address discoloration and dark spots as well as glucososome to assist with cell turn over and increase hydration at a cellular level.  Calm helps to sooth and allows the skin to become more resilient to irritation.  Raspberry cells and pomegranate fruit extract provide relief for inflammation and irritation within the tissue of the skin.


 Now that we have addressed our visible skin care imbalances, how will Tulasara address the stress and internal state of body that causes these issues in the first place?  The radiant awakening ritual is where we find one of our answers. A simple daily ritual inspired by Ayurveda while give you the opportunity to relax while providing your skin with exfoliation, lifting and firming and nourishment, allowing the skin to reveal its radiance and promote a balanced state for it on a daily basis.  The ritual involves a dry brush and radiance oil.  Aveda salon and spas, institutes and experience centers are excited to share with guest the techniques involved with this ritual. 


Aveda has also developed new facial protocols that are designed to promote deep relaxation while utilizing high performance products and green plant technology while incorporating advance massage techniques designed to address skin, mental and physical imbalances.

 With a combination of Aveda’s Tulasara products and treatment approaches, our body will be given the opportunity it needs to restore itself, allowing not only our skin but ourselves to reveal the radiance that sometimes is hidden but is always there.