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Aveda Skin Care for Normal to Oily Skin

Contribution by Esthiology Instructor Ashley Dunn | Follow her on Instagram @madeup_byash

Finding the right products for normal to oily skin, but not applying them with the proper techniques, does your skin half the justice. Each product has its own technique required in order to activate the properties of the ingredients within them. Here’s a breakdown of Aveda skin care for normal to oily skin to identify the best products and techniques for your skin care regimen.

First, always remember to wash your hands before you start your skin care regimen.

Aveda offers an array of facial cleansers, but for normal to oily skin types, I’d pick the Botancial Kinetics Purifying Gel Cleanser or the Outer Peace Foaming Cleanser. Both are gentle on the skin, but one is a gel base while the other is foaming. Whichever cleanser you chose, start by using the palms of your hands to moisten your face with warm water. When applying the cleanser, start with 1-2 pumps of product in your hand. Using your free hand, apply small amounts of product scattered to cover your face along with the upper portion of your neck. Using the excess product in your palm, rub your hands together (dampen your hands again if needed for more moisture) and use upward, circular motions to cleanse your face. Make sure you do not overstimulate your face – gently cleanse to rid your skin of dirt and impurities. Once done cleansing, rinse your face with warm water using your hands and pat dry with a face towel.

The second product in any regimen should be to tone the face. The point of toning is to restore the skin back to its natural pH balance. Every skin’s pH is different, and therefore needs different products to assist in refreshing and restoring its natural state. When it comes to normal to oily skin types, Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Toning Mist is perfect because of its antimicrobial and astringent properties. Using this product is simple: place the bottle in front of your face with the mist sprayer facing you about 12 inches ahead. After applying about two vertically stroked spritzes to the face, make sure you have a piece of tissue available to lightly blot the entire face, getting rid of excess moisture on top of the skin.

Ending any daytime or nighttime regimen should always be with moisturizer! Nighttime is when the skin gets to rest and absorb the most, so a more hydrating moisturizer should be applied. A personal favorite for normal to oily skin would be Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Hydrating Lotion because of its lightweight yet intensely hydrating properties (use Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics All-Sensitive Lotion if you’re acneic but still looking for similar properties). Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Soft Crème is great for any skin type looking for more viscosity in their night time moisturizer. But when we’re talking about daytime, Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Oil Control Lotion is unmatched with its qualities, acting as a lightweight hydrating lotion with anti-irritant properties, and it can be doubled as your primer before makeup to absorb excess oil while minimizing the pores. After choosing a moisturizer, apply an amount equivalent to the size of a nickel, then apply the product to the pads of your fingertips. Rub your hands together for an even amount on both pads of your fingers, then use a gentle, upward-sweeping motion to apply the product to your face and neck. End the application with a pressing technique to ensure all of the product is absorbed into the skin.

Looking for a great treatment product to upgrade your current skin care regimen for normal to oily skin? Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Deep Cleansing Clay Masque will pull out impurities from the skin and absorb excess oil, leaving the skin feeling conditioned and refined. Apply this product in an even layer with a masque brush, leaving it on for no longer than 10 minutes. To remove this product from the skin, use a warm pre-moistened face towel, preferably steamed, and remove all debris from the masque. It is best to use this masque once a week. The regimen for that day would be to cleanse, tone, masque, tone once more and then moisturize.

Hopefully this helps you on your journey of finding the perfect Aveda skin care for normal to oily skin. For a skin analysis and a customized facial, come see us at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

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