Student Spotlight: Celeste – Cosmetology

Student Spotlight: Celeste – Cosmetology

Did you know a cosmetologist is trained in more than hair?  Students in IBW’s cosmetology program develop skills in hair design and chemical services, manicuring, pedicuring, skincare, and barbering.  Our cosmetology curriculum goes beyond the state requirements and blends innovation with theAveda Missionto help students become the best in class in the beauty industry. The 1,600-hour cosmetology course at IBW can help you harness your inner potential as you explore and master the practical skills of the trade, as well as business skills and environmental values to set the stage for a long-lasting career. You may enter The Institute of Beauty and Wellness with a passion, but you’ll leave with a deeper potential for success.

Meet Celeste, a soon-to-be graduate of the cosmetology program at the Milwaukee campus.  She is excited to share her passion for IBW and cosmetology, loves all things Aveda, and even works as an Aveda Advisor at our Neroli Salon and Spa Northshore location.  Read on to discover what inspired Celeste to enroll in our cosmetology program and her plans post-graduation plans!

How did you become interested in Cosmetology? 

So fun fact, I was actually going to school to be a nurse, and when I figured out that I did not want to do that for the rest of my life I just knew cosmetology was where I belonged. I was that person who got in trouble in high school for braiding everyone’s hair in the middle of class. Don’t know why I didn’t just come straight here but hey, I’m here now.

Why did you choose to attend The Institute of Beauty and Wellness versus other cosmetology schools? 

I LOVED Aveda’s mission statement, helping the environment, vegan products.  The admissions team was easy to get ahold of, and helpful when I reached out to get more information about the program.

What do your friends and family think about your decision to attend cosmetology school?

Everyone was so supportive. My mom was so excited because she knew this is where I belonged in the first place, my grandma on the other hand took a little longer to adjust to switching from nursing school.  All of my friends and family have been my models and have really enjoyed coming in to see me.

Do you have a favorite service you like to do?

I like doing highlights on guests but, I’m not sure I have a favorite service yet.

How has your externship experience at Neroli Northshore been?

I LOVE doing the externship. Even though as of right now I’m just observing the hair designers, they have no problem telling me why they are doing something and challenging me to figure out their formulas.  Honestly, they’re just trying to give me the best learning experience I could get.  It’s nice to be in a salon setting with professionals, everyone is friendly and helpful.  You learn so much.

What is the best or most exciting part of your program so far?

Honestly, it’s the variety of learning. With the cosmetology program, you learn esthiology, manicuring, barbering, and cosmetology.  It’s fun experiencing all of those areas and learning from the different instructors. Everyone has their own technique; you learn 100 ways to do one thing and I think that’s important in this industry.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

At Neroli Northshore! I would love to continue my journey with Aveda and live its mission statement in my everyday life.

Is there one piece of advice you would give to others thinking about attending cosmetology school?

I would love to say “Just Do It” like Nike however, I know it’s not as simple as that SO, take a tour, talk to some of the students, explore the environment and that alone will tell you why you belong in this field. You’ll discover why other paths have not given you the satisfaction you need in life!

What is your favorite Aveda product?

The new Nutriplenish Curl Gelee! I can’t WAIT for it to come out. Coming from a curly girl myself it is AMAZING!

Any tips on how to use it? 

Don’t put your hands with the gel directly on the hair topically. To avoid overloading strands with the product, slowly rake the gel through the hair starting underneath and making your way out. This is not a crunchy product if you use it right!

Any other thoughts/comments on your program at IBW?

I am so glad I came here; I love every single instructor that I’ve had and feel blessed by what they’ve taught me inside and outside the classroom. The instructors and administration here really want the best for all the students, and it is such a fun environment to be in.

To learn more about our cosmetology program at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness please email: [email protected]orrequest more information.  Ready to get started?  Apply Now!