World Class Education at Home

A pandemic won’t stop us! Our current students are still on their way to graduation. They are receiving top-notch, virtual education from our instructors as well as nationally recognized educators, including Lupe Voss, Vivienne Mackinder, Hydrafacial and Claire Marie Miller with  our daily Beauty Cares Live Education Series on YouTube. In addition to daily virtual classes, and the Beauty Cares series, our cosmetology and barber students have an exciting opportunity to receive live, virtual lectures and demonstration from Kurt Kueffner and Vivienne Mackinder three to four days a week! Learn more about our distance learning, and Kurt and Vivienne below.

Who are Kurt Kueffner and Vivienne Mackinder?

Kurt Kueffner is a master barber, stylist, educator and entrepreneur in the prestige salon industry. His impressive resume includes Vice President of Education at American Crew, Executive Director at Aveda  and the Founder of The Grooming Collective. Kurt has spent the last 25 years educating and inspiring hair professionals around the world on the unique design, service and technical considerations involved with men’s grooming. Kurt recently education our students on barber foundations during our Beauty Cares Lives series.

Kurt Kueffner cutting hair on a male manequin
Kurt Kueffner demonstrates a men’s haircut at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness

Vivienne Mackinder is Commonly referred to as “industry royalty,” Vivienne Mackinder is one of the most highly respected international leaders and innovators in the hairdressing profession today. Vivienne is driven by her own mission to continually hone her artistry and creativity, as well as raise the industry’s educational bar to Ivy League standards. 

Vivienne Mackinder at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness

What are students learning with Kurt and Vivienne?

Kurt is teaching live, virtual classes with our cosmetology and barbering students. They are learning many different mens’ haircuts along with professionalism and business skills. Additional tops include, what is most important to your male clients, differences between your younger and older male clients – and how to best work with both groups, tools for “CUSTOMIZATION”, male specific language,  how to quantify your consultations are working and more!

Vivienne- Vivienne now devotes the majority of her time as co-founder of HairDesignerTV.com (HDTV) a post-graduate training system enabling the working professional to advance their skills anywhere  with online access. HairDesignerTV is a collection of online hairstyling tutorials that support individual hairstylists or entire salon teams, pursuing the highest level of professional excellence and mastery. Vivienne’s elite Designer Program and Salon Training programs are five-star training programs based on Vivienne’s long career history of expertise. Our students will have full access to this program along with once a week zoom calls with Vivienne herself! 

Cosmetology student Skylar @skylar.avedaibw shows her hands-on styling class

httThese exciting programs give our students the opportunity to receive theory hours and practical hours over virtual learning.  It is our goal to continue to give our students the best education possible, even in the hardest of times. Excited about the potential of training at our award-winning Institutes? Our Milwaukee and Madison campuses are currently conducting virtual tours and enrollments. Contact our admissions department today to take the first step!