Trending Fall 2021: Neutral with a Pop!

Summer is almost over, and fall is right around the corner. Are you ready? We are certainly going to miss the beach…but after looking over the trends for fall, we are excited for the approaching seasons! The theme for fall coming straight from the runway is: neutral with a pop. Naturally, this may seem self-explanatory, but we will be taking a closer look at the details ranging from makeup, fashion, and accessories.

Makeup Trends

This time last year many of us were working from home, and while we may be back in the office, the leaders in the beauty industry want to bring that sense of home back into this fall season. The theme that you will see reflected this fall is “work from home” but add a little bit of spice.

It’s All in the Eyes:
Masks were everywhere last year, so if we did any makeup, it was to emphasize our eyes. Shadow liner and bold eyeliner are back on trend for fall, and the thicker and brighter, the better. Not to mention lashes, but not just any lashes, we are referring to extra-long and extra volumized eyelashes. Talk about go big or go home. Your eyes have been doing the speaking for you all 2020, and we are not slowing that down this year or next. If you were looking for a sign to get those eyelash extensions, this is it!
Dewy, Baby!

Your skincare and foundation will be centered around moisturizer, moisturizer, and more moisturizer. That’s right, the dewy look is back! The industry loves the all-natural look, and wants to emphasize that into their 2021 trends. You are most yourself when you are showing your own skin, so it’s time to let it shine.

Neutral Who?

Say goodbye to neutral lips because we are making room for the bold and the bright. Time to stock up on your liners, glosses, lipsticks, and tints because they are set to make a full appearance this fall. Not just any colors though, think big and bold, consider your bright reds, hot pinks, blues, blacks, purples, wherever your colorful imagination goes.

Fashion Trends

The fashion trends this fall are not only trendy, they are timeless and unique! Some of these trends were used in previous seasons because of the way that you can style these looks and recycle statement pieces. Nonetheless, these styles can be catered to meet your individual preferences while staying fashion-forward. Generally speaking, the overall color palette inspired for fall include powder blues and yellow hues. For our neutral lovers, black on black looks or chocolate brown color themes will be your go-to.

Tailored and Layered

Yes, you aren’t dreaming, it is time to suit up ladies and gents! Tailored suits for both men and women are making their comeback this fall. Don’t think corporate attire, think back to the 1920’s. We are not going to stop at just blazer and trousers. We are layering it and diving completely in. Think button downs, turtlenecks, vests, long coats, trousers, accessorized with belts and ties. The finishing touch to this style includes boyish shoes and loafers. Since we are taking such a large step back in time, we are destined to do it right and in full force.

You Can Knit with Us

Knits are making a comeback for the second year in a row! Cable knit sweaters, cashmere, and wool, will guarantee to keep you cozy this fall and winter. Yes, knits are staying on trend all the way into 2022! The trend goes beyond just sweaters and tops, they are also including skirts and two-piece sets as well. We are taking matchy-matchy to a whole new level, meaning what is on top, should be on the bottom. Matching colors, fabrics, length, and designs is set to create jaw-dropping looks no matter where you go!

The Puffier the Better

The puffer trend is not slowing down, and it is likely that it won’t. Puffer jackets are not only making a comeback, they are diversifying the collection altogether! Meaning, statement colors, longer jackets, and different materials are in your near future. Using colors like cherry red, bubblegum pink, gold, and animal prints, are destined to take your look from basic to popping while remaining chic and polished. Going beyond the jackets, the moon boots are making their premiere appearance for yet another year as well. Puffer inspired boots are being styled with fitted bottoms and skirts to create a unique and signature look for everyone.

Keep it Cropped

Layering is our focus this fall, but we cannot layer without our staple crop tops. Cropped pieces are expected to trend all the way through spring 2022, and even then, it is not expected to slow down. Oversized jackets are not only the signature layering piece, it is also meant to keep you warm while you layer your pieces. With crops being in, it is the perfect balance between a comfortable oversized and a trendy form-fitting piece. The best part, this can be styled up or down depending on how you choose to layer and accessorize. Even in the more tailored looks, runway inspiration is showing a shorter top or vest to be layered underneath your jacket or suit coat.

Accessory Trends

Accessories can make or break an outfit, let’s face it. There is no such thing as wrong accessories, but the way that you style them can greatly impact what kind of style and look you are going for. Accessories and makeup are meant to let your individuality shine through, so when it comes to trending pieces, this is more of a broad category that is meant to be interpreted and represented how you feel best.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoes are kind of in the middle between fashion and accessories. We brought up some pairing options above, but for the overall category there are some things to consider going into the new season. First things first, platforms are continuing into fall. Otherwise known as flatforms, the added chunky heel to normally flat shoes are making their continued debut. No matter how dramatic or subtle you decide to go, the trend is guaranteed to put you on the height of the fall trends, literally.

For a more classic look, knee-high boots are the best way to go this fall. Styled perfectly with a mini dress or skirt, jeans, or leggings you cannot go wrong with this shoe. Any material or color is considered to be fashion-forward this fall, but black or brown leather is the most commonly seen on the runway.

Add-On’s and Jewlery
We have seen an increase in head scarves and kerchiefs recently for hair accessories. The emphasis for these hair add-ons is making a statement, meaning bold, patterned, and bright. They are used directly with your outfit to accentuate and emphasize your established style. Be ready to belt everything! Belts are being considered not only as an accessory, but also as body jewelry especially in the form of gold and silver chains. You will see many looks utilizing belts to emphasize the waist and spice up the outfit altogether. Heading into jewelry, we are noticing a lot of layered gold chains. As mentioned with the belts, chains have been a huge layering piece this summer. Heading into the layering emphasis for fall, we will see quite a presence of gold layers. Not only are we looking at layering jewelry, we are noticing an emphasis on length as well. If you have been storing away any long bangle earrings or long chain necklaces, it is time to bring those back out! For my bling lovers, crystals are going to be flying into the trends at the end of fall and heading into winter. If you love bling and sparkle, not only are you encouraged to wear it, but go over-board! They want you to sparkle extra bright heading into the holidays.

Layer Up and Head Out

The runway looks for fall are definitely going to inspire some amazing and creative pieces. As a reminder for new students that plan to enroll at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, our dress-code is all black, but we encourage you to express your creativity and inspiration through your hair, makeup and accessories. Using these trends, or current looks that you already love, get ready to show out in the salon or spa, expressing not only your talents but also your style. Our students get complimented daily by guests on their looks, so now it is time to create stylish looks for your clients, too!

Share with us your fall looks below; we would love to see your creativity and inspiration! As always, let us know your thoughts on this post and what you would like to know about next!