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Student Blog: Tips for Staying Well While Safer at Home

Cheyanne Vitense is a cosmetology student at Aveda Institute Madison. Like much of the rest of Wisconsin right now, Cheyanne is living Safer at Home during the COVID-19 pandemic and adjusting to a temporary new normal at home. In addition to shifting to online cosmetology classes, or distance learning, she is finding new ways to spend her time and grow. Cheyanne has shared the steps she took to make the most of this time, so read on for some inspiration.

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As we are all aware, the social distancing guidelines have yet again gotten extended. Some of you may be relaxed, worried or stressed, of if you’re like me, bored! After living under quarantine for a few weeks now, I’ve found ways to cope and use time productively all while staying sane.

Step 1: Create Your New Normal

Before the Safer at Home order began, we all had a daily routine. Whether your day started with taking your kids to daycare, going to your job or working out at the gym, whatever it was, make a new, temporary routine. You could wake up, prepare your coffee, go for that run you used to push away, spend some time with your animals, then get dressed and do your hair and makeup for the day. Incorporating steps from your usual schedule along with things you always wished you had more time for in your new routine can help maintain a sense of normalcy and give you something to look forward to each day.

Step 2: Discover New Hobbies

Just when I thought I knew myself, I thought wrong. For the sake of my boredom, I decided to start crafting. As overwhelmed as I was for online classes and moving to a new place, I made time to discover a new hobby as an escape and way to relax. I make clay earrings, which wasn’t something I pictured myself doing months ago, but now I simply cannot keep my hands out of clay making. Realizing my new addiction, I found peace and joy in doing something for myself! While you may not be able to do some of your old hobbies during this time, you now have an opportunity to find new ones that you may not have tried otherwise. Maybe in discovering new hobbies, you’ll discover something new about yourself, too.

Step 3: Be Healthy

Who is finding themselves eating a truckload of food these days? It’s okay, you can admit it – I’m guilty of losing track of eating (and drinking) healthy too. I get it – I do. Like, what sounds better than a big buffet of breakfast foods for dinner? Now, of all times, being stuck at home. Well, the boredom eating stops here! It is scientifically proven that eight glasses of water a day, along with eating healthy, actually impacts mood. By eating your fruits and veggies, and drinking plenty of water, you will find yourself feeling happier, and in that “get-stuff-done” attitude!

Step 4: Practice Your Patience

Face it, you may find that being home with the same people for days (that seem like years!) is starting to test your patience. On the bright side, you could come out stronger once we get back into the real world if you practice your patience and find ways to remain calm now. When you practice new habits, they become automatic in time. I think we can all agree we would like to grow and have more good habits. So before you kick out your husband, or slam the door on your sibling, take a deep breath and challenge yourself to remain relaxed, and find ways to cope with your emotions. You will be invincible by the time quarantine is over, I promise!

Step 5: Love Yourself Unconditionally & Find Gratitude

I know that being under quarantine can create many emotions. If you’re feeling stressed, sad, worried or even upset, it is okay! You are allowed to have feelings. Everyone goes through moments in their life, and everyone is capable of growing. Like with Step 4 — practicing patience — this is a chance to build another good habit: finding gratitude. Instead of thinking, “I can’t take these online classes, I’m too stressed,” try, “I’m so glad I still have the option to learn and receive hours!” Or maybe you find yourself saying, “This is stupid that we have to stay six feet apart,” instead say, “I am truly blessed that my friends and family are safe and healthy at home.” Exchanging a negative thought for one of gratitude can do wonders to for yourself and your mental health.

We love Cheyanne’s tips for staying well and ideas for passing the time. Even while Safer at Home, we can still find ways to keep the needle moving in our lives.

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