Holiday season is right around the corner, and we could not be more excited! Between gift shopping, seasonal activities, and the overall holiday spirit—it is no wonder why they call it the most wonderful time of the year! At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, an Aveda Institute, we understand the joy and excitement that comes with this time of year, and we are looking forward to experiencing it with you!

As much as we all love the holiday season, we must admit that it can cause us a bit of stress if we are not prepared. Anyone who works with people knows that the pressure is high, the traffic is intense, and there is never a dull moment. It is easy to get sucked into chaos, and most of us have experienced that firsthand. The good news—it does not always have to be that way. We may not be able to change the busyness of our days, but we can certainly change how we respond to it.

Here, at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we have provided you with some best practices to take with you into your holiday season to ensure you are not only prepared, and ready to sleigh the season. It is important to take time for yourself for some much-needed relaxation and wellness. We have provided you with 5 simple tips to make sure that you enter the holiday season confident, ready, and relaxed.

1.) Create a Strong Study plan:

The holidays are always a busy time of year. Between managing schedules, studying, taking clients, and personal time–it can get exhausting. As a student, studying should be your number one priority. During the holidays especially there are a lot of last minute events that can come up that can cause us to get distracted and lose sight of our responsibilities. Between work, plans, family activities, and personal plans–there is a lot to do in very little time. This is where planning comes in handy. 

Start your work in advance. If you have technical assignments or projects that are coming up, start them early. Do not be afraid to plan out your school schedule in a physical planner or in a planner app on your iPad. You can even color code for best practices between your different classes, your work schedule, plans, and appointments. Make it however personal or general as needed, but make sure to use the proper tools to ensure your success. 

Plan out enough study time. If you have exams, quizzes, or other testing coming up–prioritize enough time to ensure you feel confident. Meet up with a classmate or study alone–however you feel is most efficient for you. Finishing out your program with licensure is so important and we want to make sure that you feel confident and ready for not only tests and practicals, but also the salon environment. There will be multiple occasions in your future where you will need to time management to ensure that you can meet deadlines, plan personal time, and schedule clients effectively. Starting the habit now will help you grow and develop in the future. 

2.) Plan Your Personal Schedule:

Do not leave things to the last minute if you can help it. The holidays are a fun time for everyone. We all want to take part in doing festive things and enjoying the absolute best of the season. However, our schedules can quickly fill up causing us to feel frustrated and “too busy” to take part in any fun or excitement. Everyone should be able to have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday season if they want to. Look at your schedule in advance. If you have appointments, parties, or plans that you want to attend, speak with your manager, start looking for coverage, or request off if you have time—it is better to ask now versus a week beforehand.

Keep in mind that the holiday season is a crazy time. You may not be able to request off the time that you want. No worries, instead look ahead at your next few months and the days that you do have off. If you cannot request additional time, speak with your manager, and ask for a monthly schedule (if you do not have set days) so that you can plan ahead. Communication is always key. Once you have your schedule, see how you can effectively plan your personal time so that you can take time to enjoy the time off that you earned.

3.) Wellness, Wellness, Wellness:

At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we emphasize the importance of a wellness-based mindset in everything that we do. High stress can cause irritation, frustration, anxiety, and imbalance. This not only affects those around us and our guests, but also ourselves. Everyone knows that holidays are a busy time, but it does not have to be miserable. Doing wellness activities before or after your shift, when you wake up, before bed, or whenever you have time—can make all the difference.

Some wellness activities can include going on a short walk, meditation, listening to a song or music genre that you like, spraying some Aveda Chakra Balancing mist, or just simply doing something that helps you to relax. Wellness is a completely personalized experience, there is no right or wrong way. Find something that you enjoy and that helps to clear your mind and do your best to make it a part of your routine.

4.) Stick to a Routine:

When things seem like they are out of control—which is common during the holiday schedule—sticking to a routine can help. This could include a daily routine, a planner, or a checklist. Especially when your books are full, everyone is trying to squeeze in last-minute appointments, shopping for gifts, and maintaining a personal life—it can seem very unorganized and unplanned. When you stick to a daily routine, it naturally helps to set your mind up for success by starting and maintaining your day in control.

To set a daily routine, some tips could include:

  • Wake up at the same time every morning.
  • Practice some sort of wellness to start your day.
  • Get ready for your day. (Hair, makeup, outfit, etc.)
  • Pack your lunch or dinner.
  • Heading to work. (Leave yourself enough time to not feel rushed.)
  • Cook or stop for dinner after work.
  • Relax. (Unwind after the day—spend time with a family member, watch a movie, read a book, browse through social media, hang out with friends, whatever brings you joy and relaxation.)
  • Goto bed around the same time every night. (A good night’s sleep is important. Leave your body enough time to rest and reset for the next day.)


Planners and calendars are also an incredibly helpful tool to keep you in a routine and in control of your schedule. You may have a computer or app to notify you of your guest appointments, but it can be helpful to have a personal calendar, too. You can use this to track your work schedule, plan personal time, write down your errands, help stick to a schedule, and look ahead to plan future events. When you can visually see your day, you can better determine what you can handle and what is too overwhelming. During the holidays, things fill up fast—so staying in control of your schedule allows you to comfortably plan around your mandatory requirements with fun activities.

5.) Keep Positive and Have fun:

Although the holiday season can be stressful—we cannot forget that it is a fun time of year. People really enjoy spending time with their families, picking out gifts, and taking part in various holiday activities. By keeping to a schedule, planning ahead, and helping your guests do the same—it will be a lot easier to provide a positive and upbeat experience for not only your guests, but yourself too. Try to stay in the moment as much as possible. There will be stressful times, but that does not mean that the whole experience needs to be stressful.

Find time to enjoy the season with your coworkers through potluck dinners, secret Santa, holiday parties, whatever your salon or spa tradition is. You are all going through the same thing, and you all will get through it! Keeping a positive mindset and remembering what the holidays are all about can help you and your guests get through the day, week, and season with as much joy and positivity as possible.

You are more than ready to take on the holiday season! Remember these 5 basic tips, put them into practice, and stick with them consistently—and you are sure to sleigh this holiday!

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness encourages all our students to not only stick with their professionalism and best practices—but also to have fun. For those who are considering the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, apply now to learn what an Aveda Institute can do for you this holiday! Now is the perfect time of year to put into practice the tips and tools that will help you in the salon or spa environment during busy times of the year. You are more than ready, and we are excited to watch your holiday season sparkle!

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