NYFW: Staple Pieces for the Perfect Streetwear Look

The Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee and Madison is one of the trendiest beauty schools in Wisconsin and we always appreciate a strong sense of style. During our time at New York Fashion Week, we saw how many unique looks you can create using individual style and vision. New York is full with creativity ranging in all ages, sizes, and style—and safe to say we were beyond inspired!

Here at the Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness Milwaukee andMadison, we want you to have access to the same exact opportunities in Wisconsin as the beauty schools do in New York. Using the top trending look—streetwear–we will provide you with staple items that are key to the streetwear looks while also leaving room for your own individual inspiration.

Streetwear styles blew up during the 1950s and were seen primarily in New York and California. This era of fashion and music was pivotal in how we look at fashion today. Commonly known as hip-hop fashion or street fashion, streetwear is seen to be a baggier fit with oversized details. However, as the fashion world evolved, so did the creativity. In New York, streetwear is everywhere. People with all different styles such as—boho, trendy, chic, classy, workwear, and artistic– include elements of streetwear in their style.

Corset Tops

Corset tops are everywhere worldwide and we are absolutely loving the look. Corsets provide a beautiful sinched look and are commonly paired with oversized joggers or trousers. This allows for an oversized look while still enhancing your natural shape and looking chic in the process. The fall color palette includes brown, burgundy, tan, and white.

Oversized Jackets

Fall is all about layering, and the looks are absolutely flawless. During our time in New York, we noticed a lot of oversized blazers including “dad blazers” and leather jackets. Blazers or jackets of any kind are the perfect way to enhance your look without going crazy with layers. We noticed a lot of colored leather during our time in New York including the top three trending colors being burgundy, brown, and black.

For those of you who are looking for other staple jacket looks, no need to worry! Plaid has also been a key look in the streetwear style. Oversized flannel jackets are the perfect statement piece to any outfit and will give you a more relaxed look. These oversized jackets look great over a crop top or tight body suit to give you a tailored, yet comfy look.

Baggy Trousers and Joggers

Streetwear is known for its baggy and oversized look. Modern day streetwear incorporates tightfitting clothing on the upper half of your body and leaves the bagginess for the waist down. High-waisted joggers are the “look” this fall with many looks including cargo joggers. Cargos are considered the staple piece of modern-day streetwear. Perfectly matched with boots, sneakers, and even heels—they can be dressed up or down super easily.

Trousers were also the main focus in downtown New York. The best part about trousers is that they can be fitted or oversized. With the flare look back in style, we are noticing a lot of streetwear trousers that are fitted in the hips and flare out at the calf. This is perfect for those with a curvier shape that have a harder time finding comfortable and flattering oversized straight-leg pieces. 

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are a signature piece for streetwear. Not only are they comfortable, but they are trendy and offer the perfect oversized look. Graphic tees are also super easy to style, they can be easily paired over leggings, joggers, cargos, trousers, satin dresses, or skirts. Feel free to dress your look up or down using boots, heels, sneakers, or platforms for the perfectly styled look.

Accessory Detailing

Accessorizing is key for any look, and streetwear is definitely no exception. Chunky jewelry is still in this fall and we have a feeling it will be staying that way for a while. Feel free to stick with whichever metal you are most comfortable with, but we are noticing a lot of gold jewelry. Layered necklaces including chains and pendants as well as chunky statement rings are all over the place.

Smaller shoulder bags are definitely part of the streetwear style. Keeping the bag small really emphasizes the focus on the outfit and the jewelry. Bags as always are seen as an accessory rather than a practicality, so make sure to pack lightly! Rimless and thin sunglasses are also seen everywhere in New York. This really adds the perfect styling touch to your look and can bring your total outfit together perfectly.

Show Must-Haves

We can’t have an outfit without the shoes! The streetwear shoe ranges on individual style and outfit goals, but we did see 3 shoe styles that are perfect to complete your streetwear look. Combat boots are great for a rougher appearance. Especially for those wearing joggers or cargos, you can roll up your bottom hem or give it a scrunched look to emphasize the bagginess of the look or highlight your shoe.

Platform shoes are perfect for those oversized trousers or tightfitting flare bottoms. Commonly seen in Doc Martens or Converse, they give you some height while staying comfortable and trendy. Platform shoes also slim out your appearance too, while highlighting your legs. They are best worn with trousers or tight fitting bottoms.

Sneakers are also a key part of streetwear fashion. They really provide the perfect look for those who wear cargos and oversized t-shirts. Regardless of if you are a sneaker head or not, you can still be a part of the streetwear look by throwing on your favorite dad shoe, Air Force 1’s, or Jordan’s.

Styling Tips

Styling can be hard when it comes to outfits we see on social media. However, streetwear is really easy to style because of how versatile it has become over the years. In the beauty world, style is up to our own creative vision and how we choose to personalize our style.

Streetwear can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how you choose to detail or style your outfits. One thing is for sure though, basics will be your best friend. There is no need to go super extreme with your looks– having a go-to staple piece (jogger, jacket, necklace, or shoe) is all you need to pull off a trendy streetwear look.

At the Aveda Institute of Milwaukee and Madison, remember that our dress-code is all black. However, that does not mean that we cannot be trendy. Our campuses are located in two of the trendiest spots in Wisconsin, and regularly showcase fashion looks in everyday life. If you are interested in learning more about outfits that will keep you on trend and within the all-black dress code attire, check out other looks that are trending this fall!

Get ready to bring your latest looks with you to the classroom. Our guests enjoy learning about the latest looks in hair, makeup, and fashion from their students/service providers. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we are known for providing excellent service while looking good doing it. Get started in the beauty industry by joining us for a virtual visit and seeing what the Aveda Institute has in store for you!   

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