At the end of October, The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, an Aveda Institute, hosted our annual beauty show for breast cancer awareness month. The looks this year were hosted with a natural vibe filled with florals, greenery, and beautiful earth-inspired looks. The makeup, hair, outfits, and nail looks were created by the students at both our Madison and Milwaukee locations. Their only direction given was the theme for which they were apart which was either: Garden Floral, Green Foliage, or Woodland. From there, they were left to come up with their own creative visions on how they were going to pull off these themed looks.

Their results were absolutely stunning, and we are so proud of all the students involved in these creations. The annual beauty shows consist of students from our Cosmetology, Esthiology, and Manicuring programs and all looks are created by students. Through this process, they are able to adapt with each other’s strengths, get used to working around other individuals when creating a model look, as well as overcome challenges. Especially when working with students from other programs, you learn to utilize each other’s strengths while also learning and growing from one another.

Garden Floral:

Model: Myah Reese

Makeup By: Hannah Olson, Michell Williams, Katherine Cervantez, Amanda Dubiel, Keo Yang, Jordyn Divan, and Hannah Breton.

Hair By: Haley Halvorsen, Leslie Acosta, Ivy Brown.

What Was the Inspiration for This Look?

“It definitely took us some time to figure out. Ideas were bounced back and forth. We started with the dress and used our ideas from that. It was an old prom dress, and our goal was to keep the dress as the staple piece and mold everything around that.”

What Were the Products You Used and the Styling Tips?

“For the products, we kept it pretty simple. We used Air Control for the hairspray, we used the Marcel Iron for the curls, we also used the Brilliant Humectant Pomade to put the glitter in the hair. We also bought real flowers and fake flowers for this look. The fake flowers were put in her hair and added some smaller flowers throughout her braids.”

What Was the Most Fun About This Shoot? What Was the Lesson Learned?

“A big one would be trusting the process. At first, everything was so spontaneous and put together the day of. We had the flowers and dress, and everything else was created in the moment. We all had to put our brains in a that moment.”

Green Foliage:

Model: Cassidy Lawinger

Hair, Makeup, and Nails By: Megan Ramp, Allison Bristol, Elizabeth Atkin

What Was It Like Collaborating and Coming Up with This Look?

“We wanted to go with a style that looked like her hair was becoming the plant. So, we started by making a mood board and then practicing which is good because we ended up changing the look once we practiced.”

What Was Your Inspiration with This Look?

“For our inspiration we were going for a plant mom who loves plants so much that her hair became one. For this look, we focused primarily on the hair, so we kept the outfit simpler to really accentuate her hair. From the moment we arrived in the morning, to the time we started our photoshoot, we were working on this hair look.”

What Products Did You Use to Style the Hair?

“While the hair was wet, we used some of the Phomollient and Curl Enhancer and then diffused it. While it was dry, we mostly used the Air Control to lock in what we already did and then we used Humectant as dew drops on top of some of the leaves in her hair.”


Model: Sofia Glenn

Makeup By: Pazong Vang, Katherine Dredge

Nails By: Lesly Alcantar

Hair By: Alyssa Brown, Aubrey Kyhn, Carolyn Haney, Missy Glenn Luedtke

What Was it Like Collaborating for This Look?

“It was difficult at first because we all had an idea in our heads. So, to all work together to try and find a common ground was where we struggled. We had to communicate with the esthiology students and manicuring students on how to incorporate their looks with this vison. The communication part was definitely the most difficult, but once we figured that out, everything went well.”

How Many Hours Did It Take to Put the Outfit, Hair, and Accessories Together?

“It took us a lot of time. Missy put together the whole outfit and it took her close to 10 hours of work across a weekend, and the headpiece and other factors took about an hour to two hours. It took a lot of time.”

What Products Did You Use for Styling and Why?

“We used a lot of products. We used a ton of Volumizing Tonic and Texturing Tonic to create a lot of texture and volume in our look. We used the Confixor, as well as the Air Control and the Be Curly Hairspray. We used the Be Curly Hairspray for all the glitter within the look as well.”

The students at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, and Aveda Institute, really came together to pull off some beautifully crafted looks. Throughout the fashion show, you learn about their creative process, overcoming challenges, and working together as a team to develop amazing pieces. Teamwork is something that we strive for here at the Institute, and we encourage our students to learn how to work with their strengths while also stepping out of their comfort zone and trying new things.

The Move Through Beauty Fashion show is the perfect example of students coming together to create a stunning look for a great cause. Each year we fundraise Breast Cancer Awareness Month through our annual beauty shows to allow our students to become involved while also showcasing their work and talents to the community.

We are so grateful for such a great turnout this year! For those who missed it, no need to worry! Feel free to watch the full beauty show that showcases all the looks and full interviews!