AVEDA Congress 2015 Trends

We’ve been back to our regular routines now for about six weeks but we can’t stop thinking about AVEDA Congress 2015: SPIRIT. The fashion, the hair, the production, we’re still giddy with inspiration. Neroli Salon & Spa hair designer and makeup artist, Sepideh Chavoshi, is too and shared some of her favorite trends and shows from AVEDA Congress 2015.


“I have been getting a lot of requests for fun bobs,” Sepideh said. She watched Ricardo Dinis’ on-stage demonstration of the edgy bob which not only inspired her shaved-side bob but now her guests are looking for the same look.

“The shaved side is so fun. I can part my hair so it covers the shaved side or I can pull my hair up so that side is visible. It’s kind of like my secret,” Sepideh said.


She has also been getting a lot of requests at bridal consultations for the soft-curl look.

“Almost every bride who comes in says she wants soft and romantic curls,” Sepideh said. The soft, cloud-like curling demonstration by Aveda Global Educators, Allen Ruiz and Tippi Shorter, reinforces the trend that is taking over the bridal industry.

“Although I don’t use the rollers that they used at Congress, I do recreate that texture. And you can keep that look all day long which is really great for brides.”


Another very popular trend that Sepideh has seen at her salon is the twist cut with fringe look.

“I have had two guests request this style already. It’s great for someone who doesn’t want a lot of maintenance,” Sepideh said. “If they’re willing to use a little bit of product and maybe take a blow dryer to it, they can imitate this style.”

But there is a fine-line between looking like you just rolled out of bed and looking like you actually just rolled out of bed.

“One growing trend right now is natural hair. People have started embracing their natural texture but I don’t think they realize how much work it actually takes to create a good messy look,” Sepideh said.


Trends don’t last for very long. Sepideh said that it takes two to three years for what was once a unique trend to be seen on every person.

“Think about how long it took for ombre to be everywhere, only about two years,” Sepideh said. “And the people who had gone with the ombre-look liked that it was low-maintenance so to keep that audience in their chairs, hair designers came out with balayage.”

Even though these trends won’t be around forever, we do love creating the looks introduced at AVEDA Congress 2015.

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