On Point: Our Five Favorite Nail Trends of 2022

Manicures are always a chic addition to any outfit and can help say a lot about the personality of the person wearing them. The world of manicuring is always changing and reinventing itself with new trends and fun designs for all to enjoy. We are excited to cover some of the nail trends that will be inspiring manicures everywhere in 2022.

Here at the Institute of Beauty & Wellness have compiled our favorite nail trends for 2022 and we are here to share them with you to get inspired for your next manicure. There are so many different styles to choose from that you don’t need to pick just one. Let’s head right in!

Embrace Nail Art

We are seeing a resurgence of nail art this year as we find fun ways to stay busy and keep creative. Get your creative juices flowing with nail art like nail stickers, hoops, decals, lace, jewels, or even flowers on your next manicure set. Give your hands some love and a personal twist and use it to express who you are with any of these exciting designs or think out of the box and bring your own ideas. Why be plain when you can stand out?

Nailscapes Galore!

Meet the nailscape. This year we are looking to the great outdoors for inspiration and bringing that to our nail designs in this trend that will be showing up everywhere. We are seeing a return to nature-inspired designs like landscapes or abstract depictions of natural elements. Each nail is its own piece of art and an ode to nature. Bring the beauty of oceans, stars, galaxies, mountains or even the sunset into your manicure this year. The possibilities are endless. Be inspired by nature and give this gorgeous nail design trend a try.

The Pantone Color of the Year:

Do you know what 2022’s Pantone color of the Year is? We’ll give you a hint. It’s Very Peri. That’s it! Very Peri is the way to go this year if you are looking for a light and soothing violet hue that is vibrant enough to go with your favorite daily looks or just eye-catching enough for a special occasion. Be inspired by this dreamy violet color and dare yourself to be as courageous and creative as this gorgeous milky-looking periwinkle color. Although this color will look amazing on any skin tone year-round, we cannot wait to see it pop up in the spring when things are once again injected with color and fun! We think it’s a great color to pair with jeans, and a simple tee or for something edgier for the spring as your social calendar starts getting busier.

It’s Y2K Time!

As the return to the early 2000s/Y2K era continues to be a source of inspiration for fashion, it is also making its way on to manicures this year. Graphic nail art with nostalgic designs from the late nineties, such as simple flowers, smiley faces, peace signs and more are decorating nails of all shapes and sizes. We are also seeing more people embracing the classic black nail polish, which looks great with anything, frosted nail polish that dominated the end of the 90s, and hot pink nail polish that was all the rage towards the beginning of this millennium.

Mix and Match

Who says you must stick to just one color? We are seeing more people embracing the fun look of mix & match nails this year. What is it you ask? EASY! Choose your favorite colors and go crazy with your nails. Whether you pick a signature color on one nail and switch up the other ones or do a different color on every nail, there are not a lot of rules for this trend! Go for bright colors to catch everybody’s eye or go for a more muted palette of pastels or nude colors to keep your manicure versatile and ready to make you look your best wherever you go no. matter what you are wearing.

Short Nails Are Fun Nails

Short designs are making their way into everybody’s hands this year as we continue staying indoors, especially with Wisconsin’s winter weather, and have more time on our hands (we just had to). Short nails make it easier to maintain and change designs as much or as little as you want. A few coats of your favorite nail polish and you are ready to go and show off your manicure. Even with such a small canvas, you can still play it up with other fun designs. Add minimal details, or decals to your nails to really make your manicure pop.
If you enjoy learning about these trends or more, then our manicuring program might be for you! Our manicuring program is available at both Aveda Institute of Beauty & Wellness Milwaukee and Madison campuses, where our students receive instruction to equip them with the skills needed to pass their written and practical exam given by the Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services and then enter the labor market. With this skill set, they can focus on their areas of interest and make unique careers as nail artists. You can book your appointment with our manicuring program students to stay on top of your hands’ care and keep them looking healthy and beautiful using Aveda products and rituals. Our manicuring students use the beautiful pigments provided by Zoya for their guest manicures during their program experience. Book your next manicure to try out these or any of your favorite trends this year.

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