Lashes, Lashes, & More Lashes!

Lashes, Lashes, & More Lashes!

Lashes are always a trending topic, so of course we are going to talk about them! Eyelash extensions are not only on trend, but consistently trending. There has never been this much of a need for eyelash augmentations, and it is only going to keep growing. According to the Global False Eyelashes Market, eyelash extensions in specific, are expected to grow over five percent in the next three years reflected by the compound annual growth rate. Why does this matter? Well, not only do our Aveda Institute’s offer this service, but we also provide training to those interested in becoming licensed eyelash technicians.

Curious About Becoming a Certified Lash Technician?

You came to the right place! As discussed, the field is continuously growing, and clients are looking for certified lash technicians they know and trust to provide them with timeless looks for all seasons. Finding safe and reliable schools that offer extensive education and training can be very challenging to find. Just like hair, skin, and nails, eyelashes are an art. It needs to be practiced and rehearsed to truly know and appreciate how much time and skill go into mastering it. With the Edgeless Beauty Group, we can offer you additional options to grow into this career.

Esthiology program

At our Beauty and Wellness Institutes, we offer an Esthiology Program that incorporates eyelash extension training into the curriculum. Using Lash Addict products and tools, you will be able to provide a great add on service to your existing clients using proper safety and skincare protocols. Our Esthiology Program encompasses all skincare needs including facials, waxing, body treatments and more. Having this additional add on service will help set you apart from other estheticians in the market. This skill will allow you to grow your clientele and offer more to your current guests.

If you are looking for extensive training in all skincare needs with the add on bonus of becoming a licensed eyelash technician, make sure to schedule your official visit at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness today!

Lash Addict Education

The Edgeless Beauty Group owns and operates Lash Addict. This exclusive brand offers all of the necessary products and tools needed to operate as a professional, and provides exclusive training for new specialists entering into the industry. Through extensive training, this program will make sure you are more than prepared with hands-on experience and real-life training from our certified educators. This type of education is ideal for students looking to become exclusive eyelash specialists in the industry. Mastering one skill to its entirety will certify you as an expert and help you gain new clientele through using your specialized skill, and keep clientele due to your consistency and results.

If you are interested in kick-starting your career as a certified eyelash technician, apply today. Take advantage of this growing market; there are a lot of lashes out there waiting to be volumized!

Learn More About Our Eyelash Extension Service

Not only do we educate the next generation of certified lash technicians, we hire them too! Most of our salons have multiple certified lash technicians on staff to create specified looks for our guests. Offering services such as Classic, Volume, and Hybrid, we have multiple options to tend to our client’s requirements. We only use Lash Addict products and ensure our technicians are educated properly on safety and technique before taking any new or existing guests.

If you are interested in eyelash extensions and looking to book an appointment, click here and find a location near you! Or call to schedule: (414-227-2889)

Interested in Getting to Know More?

We know that there are a lot of lash technicians out there, but there is still a huge need and it is only getting more expansive. Clients are becoming more particular about who they are getting their services from, and rightfully so. Professionalism, safety, and consistency will set you apart from competitors in this industry, and we emphasize that in our coursework.

We want our students, no matter the program they are graduating from, to feel prepared for their future. Finding a job can be extremely stressful, so it is important you feel confident heading into the next steps of your professional journey. We offer career fairs and exclusive meetings with salon owners to help you find a perfect match that meets your expectations. If you are pursuing a personal career, that is great too! No matter what your next step is, we offer social media training to help you develop your brand and get in touch with new and existing clients for future business.