IBW Externship Program & What You Should Prepare For

IBW Externship Program & What You Should Prepare For

At the Institutes of Beauty and Wellness, we focus on providing our students with the best possible education to better prepare them for their future. Not only do we prioritize the curriculum and emphasize hands-on training, but we also provide externship opportunities. Our externship program is awarded to students that exceed academic standards and are driven to get ahead in their career. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness partners with neighboring salons to provide exclusive training for the extern. The training is typically done by salon owners, managers, and established professionals.  

What is an Externship

You may have heard the terms: externship, internship, and apprenticeship before, but what is the difference? An externship is best described as a temporary training program that students can participate in prior to graduation. Being an extern at the Institute means that up to 10% of your total program hours will be held off-campus, allowing you additional experience. The intent is to provide you with job-related experiences, problem-solving and decision-making capabilities, establishing professional contacts in the beauty industry, and engaging in real-life experiences that will prepare you for occupational success.  

How Will it Benefit You? 

This program will allow you to be a part of a team-setting while learning more about the day-to-day operations that go into being a full-time employee. You will be able to practice skills on real, paying customers (under the supervision of the salon or spa owner/manager) while working to improve time management skills, technical skills, and overall confidence in working with new clients. After graduation, it can become intimidating for many students entering into the industry and finding new clients, meeting new people, and networking to grow your portfolio. Being a part of our externship program will help you navigate through those obstacles by allowing you to work with already established professionals and learn from those that have been through it before.  

What Will You Do During Your Externship? 

Students will be involved in learning experiences where they will shadow, assist, and even perform services independently (under owners’ discretion) on new and existing clients. While there is no set curriculum for any student entering into the externship; the goal is to further develop the skills and knowledge needed for personal growth to be successful in the industry. The purpose of this externship is to better prepare YOU. Since each student is different, each externship will also be different. If there are certain aspects that you want to prioritize during your externship, then we will be sure to accommodate.

Who is Eligible and When? 

The externship placement search can begin at any time; however, students are allowed to begin once all of their theory coursework has been completed. The externship is for those that are considered to be in good standing academically per their Institute GPA and their attendance records. We take your training and education very seriously, and we expect that you will as well. Our externship is exclusive and based on salon availability, so spots are not always guaranteed.  

The Process of Applying for Our Externship Program

The best-case scenario is that you are already working for a salon or spa! In this case, we can easily work out additional hours that are solely dedicated to hands on practice. However, we encourage everyone to build connections with places of interest no matter how far along they are in their respective program. If you are interested in applying, you will partner with the Externship Coordinator who will then schedule a meeting between you and your ideal salon to talk through what the Externship Program will entail for you.  

For Further Information

If you are currently enrolled in a program at either Institute, you can reach out directly to Carly, the Externship Coordinator, for ways you can start your professional journey as an Institute of Beauty and Wellness Extern! 

For students interested in enrolling, keeping your academics front of mind from the start will greatly increase your chances on being selected for future externship opportunities. You have the ability to work toward an opportunity that will give you a great kick-start into your career. Now that you know the requirements, you can partner with instructors, admissions, and fellow students right away to ensure you are ready to ace those theory and practical exams.

The Externship Program is a proven concept that obtaining real life experience prior to graduation ensures a comfortable transition from student-life to full-time employee. Students have reported that their most critical learning experiences came from practicing new techniques, gaining a deeper understanding of product knowledge, efficient time hacks, and going beyond the basics of beauty school all of which were provided during their externship opportunity. 

If you have any questions or additional comments on our Externship Program, comment below! We would love to hear from you.