How to Determine Which Program is Best for You

How to Determine Which Program is Best for You

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Enrollment is right around the corner! We know it can be challenging to determine which program is the best fit for your goals and future. At the Insititute of Beauty and Wellness we center our curriculum around setting our students up for success immediately after graduation. Every step of the way you are being specially trained for your field, so it is crucial that you come ready with a plan.

What is Considered a Good Plan?

That is a great question! There is no right or wrong answer, after all, it is your individual plan you are creating. However, it is beneficial to come up with a strategy to help aid in your decision-making process down the road.

The easiest place to start is your interests. What do you enjoy doing? Which service do your friends and family constantly ask you to provide? Which accounts on social media do you follow for inspiration? These are some questions to start your creative journey. Feel free to think on them for a bit and write down your answers. Do you see consistencies anywhere? Do you feel excited or motivated about something in specific? Listen to those responses, they will help you!

You are not required to know right away which company you want to work for or where you see yourself in five years. However; coming to your scheduled campus visit with an idea of what you have a passion for, will help your administration leader direct you on the best possible path for you.

Our Program Options

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness offers many different programs that meet the needs and interests of just about everyone. These programs were exclusively designed to accommodate multiple different students heading into the beauty industry, and tailored specifically with you in mind!

Cosmetology program

Our Cosmetology Program is our most popular and sought-after program that we offer here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Rightfully so, this 1,600-hour program is all-encompassing of everything hair, makeup, and nails! Not only will you get all of the technical and foundational knowledge that comes with this science; you will also get exposure to trends, marketing and entrepreneurship, and resume building skills to help you kick-start your career. If you are passionate about hair-styling and offering additional services such as makeup and nails…then Cosmetology is right for you!

Esthiology program

Our Esthetics Program, commonly known otherwise as Aesthetics, deals directly with all things skin care. Taking it a step further, we focus on techniques aging back to the ancient Egyptian era focusing on skincare and overall body wellness. Part of being a student studying Esthiology means learning and mastering facials, waxing, body treatments, makeup application, and lash extensions. If you take an interest in body wellness, skin health and rejuvenation, and creating a stress-free environment for yourself and others, then our Esthiology program is perfect for you!

Massage Therapy program

Our Massage Therapy program aids in helping individuals with bodily stressors through various forms of relaxation and healing practices. Your fundamental curriculum will be centered around bodily kinesthetics, cell function, and muscle anatomy. With this understanding, you will be able to apply your technical knowledge into your practical setting. Here, you will study basic massage techniques, and gradually progress into more intense sessions including lymphatic drainage, acupressure, Shiatsu, and prenatal massages. If you are a natural healer by heart, then the massage therapy program is the best fit for you. With the perfect blend of science and relaxation, you will become a master in providing stress-free and pain-relieving services to your guests.

Barbering program

Our Barbery Program takes a more intense look at the necessary skills needed in men’s hair cutting. Cosmetology students get a brief understanding of the general skillset, but for those looking at becoming a master in this field, you are now able to experience barbery at a much deeper level. The Barbering Program will focus on men’s styling, shaving, and learning practical knowledge needed to grow and retain your clientele as a professional in your industry. If you are looking to master a specified skillset while being a trendsetter in your field; the Barbering Program is yours to pursue!

Manicuring program

Our Manicuring Program takes a dive into all of the fundamental elements that goes into manicures and pedicures. This includes, gel and acrylic application, maintenance, safety and sanitation and more. This short, 300-hour program will make sure you are provided with the technical knowledge needed, as well as allowing you enough practical time to focus on speed and consistency. In order to properly showcase your nail artistry, we also provide you with social media training to help you obtain a greater reach for clientele. Nail application is surely a work of art! If you love producing unique and creative nail styles while providing a guest-focused service, then the manicuring profession is perfect for you!

Ayurveda Esthetics program

Our Ayurveda Esthetics Program takes a holistic approach to our Esthiology program. Although the concept is similar, Ayurveda Esthetics focuses on the medicinal practices from India that incorporate mindfulness, digestion, nutrition, and the doshas. Throughout this program you will study basic history and philosophical fundamentals of Ayurveda methods. From there, you will learn the required knowledge of esthetics including anatomy and physiology. With this combined education, you will be able to work on applied aromatherapy, chromotherapy, gem therapy, and herbalism. If you are passionate about wellness and the holistic approaches to healing and medicinal practices, the Ayurveda Esthetics Program is a great option for you!

Instructor program

Of course, we need something for our already established professionals! For those looking to pass on their knowledge to the next generation of specialists in the industry, we have the perfect program for you. Our Instructor Program focuses on the applied learning that you will be providing to our current and future students using Aveda methods and techniques. This course will go over grading requirements, teaching techniques, curriculum, technical coursework, applied learning, and more. The beauty industry is ever-growing and we need instructors like you that have a passion to develop future professionals to maintain the strong reputation you have created.

Talk With Admissions!

Now that you have a brief understanding of what we have to offer you here at our Institutes, it is time to speak with admissions regarding your future enrollment. Be sure to consider any questions you may have regarding our programs, what the next steps are, and how we can get you on the right path toward your future.

Our admissions team is here to support you in any way possible, so take advantage! Make sure to schedule your official campus visit today to learn more in depth about your program(s) of interest.

If you feel confident in your path, apply now and get started on your future as a professional in your field!