Facials: Your Perfect Guide to Flawless Skin

Skincare is always a topic of discussion. What is your skincare routine missing? What will help brighten or tighten your skin? Are the products you are using actually hydrating? The list can go on and on. As we know, with as many skin-types out there, no two skincare routines will be the same, and they should not be. Your skin requires specific attention, and the same goes for our guests as well. For those of you that get regular facials, you will know exactly what I am referring to. For those of you that have never received a facial or at least not consistently, prepare to be amazed!

Our Purpose

Our education and the overall professional practice used in our salons, are geared specifically to meet the needs of our guests. During our esthiology program, students will not only study all of the different types of skin, common skin imperfections, and what to look for, but they will have extensive practical training on how to alleviate these issues through various product knowledge and techniques. We make sure that our clients will not only get a tailored service provided to them, but they will also get educated on their specific skin type and the products and services needed to correct their concerns.

As a student, you will get exclusive training on all things skin care. You may feel a bit overwhelmed or not as confident at first, but our educators are all specialists in this field and will guarantee that you are 100% prepared for your next steps as a professional.

Closeup of a beauty therapist applying a face mask to a client
Which Facials Are Best for Me?

There are two categories of facials: essential and specialty. Even in our essential service facials, we ensure that it is specific to the client’s needs. For instance, we would not use super hydrating products for a client with naturally oily skin. Rather, we would look at an exfoliant, masks, or pore refiners that reduce the appearance of oils while leaving the skin looking brighter. Again, we are putting an emphasis on our client’s needs.

Our specialty facials are geared toward specific issues that our guest wants to address. This can include anti-aging, acne treatments, rehydrating, and nutrient based services. No matter if you are a student or client, a consultation is always necessary before treatment. In order to cater the service to the desired result, we first need to speak to the client and observe their current skin conditions.

In order to determine what is best for you, it is important to schedule a consultation with your esthetician. Through this process, they will provide you with the recommended treatments and products that are guaranteed to improve your skincare insecurities. With so many product combinations, and services provided, there are certainly multiple facials to choose from.

We offer a variety of facials at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness that we practice in our Neroli Salon and Spas as well.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like tanning in the sun, it is not always a one-time result. For those of you that see instant results (I am jealous!) but many of us still have to keep tanning in order to maintain and strengthen your desired color. Skincare is no different. For most, you are likely to see immediate results after one facial; however, it is the maintenance that will be the important part.

Your skin is used to the habits that you have developed over the course of your lifetime, yes lifetime, while taking on the normal aging process. Skincare is ever-changing. As you may have noticed, your skin is different from when you were in your teens, 20’s, 30’s, etc., and that is completely normal. However, this is where the maintenance comes in and why it is crucial to keep up with treatments. Most of us have noticed a night and day difference, literally. You go to bed one night and you wake up with new blemishes, scars, wrinkles, acne, and so on. Again, this is normal, but that also means you need to properly cater to your new skincare needs.

Too Much or Just Enough

In achieving long-term results, consistency is always key. However, the level of consistency is dependent upon what you and your specialist determine. For some, weekly facials will be critical to get your skin back in balance and then begin to reevaluate the frequency later on. For others, it may only be once every three weeks. Your professional is trained on providing you with the necessary results within your comfort zone. Too much of one thing is not always a good thing; which is why it is important to follow the guidance of your licensed esthetician.

Facials have taken a brief backseat to other treatments recently. With so many products on the market promoting “fast results” many people have been practicing their skin care regime at home. With Covid-19 this is completely understandable. For many, it is a good temporary fix, but it doesn’t completely solve the issue. This is because there are certain products and techniques that are meant to be used together. This includes, brushing techniques, order of product placement, compatible and incompatible products, and having a thorough understanding of your skin on multiple levels. At home skincare should be done, but not as a replacement to professional services. Rather, it should be viewed as an addition to your scheduled facials. Just as you treat your hair at a salon regularly, the same concept should be applied to your skin.

Your Next Steps

Regardless of if you are a future student, or just looking to expand your knowledge for your own skincare regime, a consultation is key. The amount of information provided during a consultation is not only quick, but overall astonishing. Throughout your entire service, you will be provided tips and all-natural products that work together on improving your concerns.

Students will be taught this knowledge extensively, but I encourage those of you enrolling to take part in these types of services to experience what your skincare needs first. Through individual knowledge and understanding, it will become easier for you while improving your confidence with future clients.

Our esthiology program at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness will go over all things skin care including add on services and body treatments. If you have a passion for healthy looking and feeling skin while helping your future guests achieve their desired look as well, then apply today!

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