The holiday season is right around the corner, and we are ready for all the holiday looks! At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, and Aveda Institute, we love seeing everyone create beautiful and original holiday looks to get in the seasonal spirit. Everything from nails, hair, makeup, and fashion—we cannot get enough! To get the ideas started this year, we found some eye-catching looks that are sure to get some LIT reactions!

Makeup looks are not only highly creative and original, but they can be absolutely stunning, too! Creating makeup looks, even when using inspiration, can spark some amazing creativity and highly personalized looks to really show off your holiday spirit. We compiled some of our favorite makeup looks below to add your personal touch to this holiday season! Everything from detailed, neutral, colorful, glam, and simple—we have you covered!

Glitter Takes on Winter:

Winter Wonderland takes on true golden hour. We are absolutely loving the dimension on this look because it is so different from other “wintery” looks. This look takes your typical white and silver palette and creates a whole new trend that really stands out while not being too dramatic. The best part about this look is that you can make it however basic or fab-u-lous as you want.

Take on your next holiday themed party, event, activity, or Insta pic with style and a little dimension of gold and contrast. Pair some of your favorite falsies and get ready to glitz and glam your way through holiday!

The 7 Levels of the Candy Cane Forest:

Candy Canes are always a fun go-to look, especially during the holiday season. We absolutely love this candy cane because of the color contrast as well as a little pop of details. Even without the mini candy canes, this look will provide you with a fun, trendy, and festive look for all occasions! Red and green offer a super cute and holiday focused look for any occasion and can be matched easily with a basic wardrobe. “The best way to spread holiday cheer is for your makeup to be loud for all to hear!” or whatever Elf said.

Holiday Lights Could Never:

No need to go look at holiday lights, when your eyes steal the show! This look is sure to light up any event that you are attending this season. This is one of our absolute favorites because it is the perfect balance of neutrality and color. There are so many ways to recreate this look, or simply add your personal touches to it. If you are looking for a more dramatic look without being too over-the-top then this is definitely the way to go. Even though it looks rather detailed, it is super easy to recreate just grab your favorite liners, shadows, and lashes and you are good to go!


Jack Frost just became frosty fabulous! This is a beautiful and soft look to add a little bit of holiday cheer without going too overboard on details or time. We love this look because it can be perfectly paired with any holiday event or party without coming off as too dramatic. If you are going to a winter wonderland look, or even just looking to try something new, grab some white eyeliner, baby blue eyeshadow, and all the glitter there is for a guaranteed frosty night!

The Glamorous Grinch:

“OOOOOO…… AHHHHH……MMMMMM…. That’s it, I’m going!” You are sure to steal the holidays with this look. We love how original and creative this eye makeup is especially with the approach they took with the eyeliner. You can make this look however dramatic or subtle as you want with the base eyeshadow color and density. Adding in the fluffy lashes is also a subtle, but dramatic, effect to the entire look as it continues the feel of a garland or holiday tree approach. This is a really fun look for any holiday party and ideal if you are looking to channel your inner glamorous grinch this season!

This holiday season is the perfect time to really explore different makeup looks and let your creativity flow this season! At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, an Aveda Institute, we encourage various holiday themed hair and makeup looks to get our team members and guests excited! Many of our students come dressed to impress during the holidays and their guests absolutely love it!

As an Institute we also host a holiday themed spirit week! Each day on campus, students dress up in various holiday themes throughout the week to really show off their holiday spirit! Not only is it fun and super entertaining, but there is always a ton of involvement, and the guests and faculty members love it! Now is the perfect time to try out your holiday looks and get excited for the holiday season!

Be sure to tag us in your makeup looks using #IBWholidaze for a chance to be featured on our social media!

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