Ever wondered what an Institute of Beauty & Wellness full time Esthiology student does on a day to day? A day in the life of a student at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness is ever changing, hands on and interactive. Let’s walk you through the day to day.  


The morning starts off by arriving to school at 8:30am. Mondays-Wednesdays are classroom days and Thursday-Friday are practical floor days. Mon-Wed are classroom days for all students, no matter what part of the program they are in. 


Classroom days consist of a wellness activity right in the beginning of class or a business activity. The wellness activity could be anywhere from a grounding 45-minute yoga sessiongoal setting, or a stroll around the Third Ward if you are at the Milwaukee campus.  

The Wellness activity is a time to decompress, and it benefits my mental health.”

- Institute of Beauty and Wellness Esthiology Student


Then as an esthiology student, you will either do hands-on practice out on the clinic floor, or you will learn theory in the classroom.  

Hands on days can consist of anything from facials, Hydrafacials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, classic eyelashes, and waxing. As an esthiology student you will also have access to top-of-the-line technology such as HydraFacial machines, aroma therapy, towel warmers, microdermabrasion machines, and electro therapy machines. Plus, esthiology students have access to Aveda & Ultraceuticals products, meaning they learn how to use a medical grade products as well as 100% vegan products.  

Theory consists of your instructor reviewing your area of study through lecture style presentations, readings, hands on activities and more. They cover anatomy, physiology, bacteriology, sanitation, goal setting, implementing wellness, bookkeeping, business management, laws and codes, as well as an exciting social media portion so esthiology students can successfully promote themselves on socials. 

Always having fun

No matter what you are doing, it’s always guaranteed to be fun at The Institute of Beauty & Wellness. Our instructors will never allow a dull moment. They keep the class engaged by incorporating interactive activities such as having students present information from the current chapter or practice topics by incorporating games, because we understand, no one wants to read a textbook for 8 hours straight.  

Throughout the day, you are given two breaks and a lunch to give yourself time to snack, take a walk around downtown, and then come back to class to enjoy theory, hands on and fun activities. 

“I love the way my instructors run our classroom time. I feel like I am learning, and she is always so supportive.”

- Institute of Beauty and Wellness Student


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